Zero Year Chapter One

Zero Year is finally upon us!!! Enter the Realm of Maisha Sayari and enjoy the story of Zero Year!!! Before You Read Chapter One Key information/terms Goskeechü Ashe Suitakü: the literal translation Shari Shari to English is “Knowledge ashe everything”. It means you can’t lie to the ashe and the ashe will not lie toContinue reading “Zero Year Chapter One”

A Story on Blackness vs A Black Story

Yesterday on twitter I came across this tweet and article: (You should definitely read this article before you continue reading this post.) When I was watching #Blackaf I didn’t know how I felt about it. To me it felt like a PG-13 version of Black-ish. When I read the article it summed up howContinue reading “A Story on Blackness vs A Black Story”