Do We Have To Be Black Royalty?

. This post is a critique on the Black is King discourse. I am a whole Stan. This critique doesn’t come from a place of hate or jealousy. Though this critique is centered around Black is King and Beyoncé, this critique can apply to anyone or any project that makes wealth and royalty synonymous withContinue reading “Do We Have To Be Black Royalty?”


During this time as we fight to abolish racist institutions, end interpersonal racism and free the black community, there’s some confusion going on. People aren’t understanding who this fight is truly for. People aren’t seeing outside of themselves. Hopefully this post can help clear the fog. We are not only fighting for Black Cishet MenContinue reading “ACCOUNTABILITY IS NOT DIVISION”


Read it three times if you have to! Watching already marginalized people try to marginalize other people is tiring. 1. All three groups are marginalized. Some people belong in two or all three goups. They cannot “choose” to put women’s and or LGBT issues aside. They can’t compartmentalize their identities. They are Black Queer People,Continue reading “INTERSECTIONALITY”

Should Our Star Athletes Go to HBCUs Instead?

To most this is an easy question with an easier answer. Hell Yeah!!! Keep our Black athletes and talent in our schools. I get it. Why allow our Black Student Athletes to get exploited and mistreated at PWIs when they can just go to HBCUs? I’ve seen this discussion on my TL multiple times beforeContinue reading “Should Our Star Athletes Go to HBCUs Instead?”

Are Villains A Dying Breed?

First I think it’s important to define what I mean by villains. To me there’s four types of the “bad guy”. You have your Anti-hero. They’re aren’t too good and sometimes don’t have good intentions but they do the right thing in the end. Characters that have redemption Arcs usually fit this group. Next areContinue reading “Are Villains A Dying Breed?”