Zero Year

Myth or Taboo? It’s the nineties (1390s) and the cycle could be coming to an end in 1400. It is currently the 8th cycle and the only thing people know about the end is there will be a “Red Moon”. With many different conspiracy theories and religious beliefs about the “Zero Year”, People are split between thinking it’s all a myth or that there is a Supernatural battle and or natural disaster apocalypse approaching. Despite their views on the matter, Political and military officials are working their hardest to find out what nobody knows about.

Zero Year is a series I’ve been working on for a while now and it will be the first series released (May 29th). The countdown to Zero Year has already begun.

Zero Year is made of multiple sagas that takes place in the same world and are connected by the same plot.

Each Saga has a different main cast and tells a different story that build world, characters and plot.

Leading up to May 29th there will be post relating to Zero Year like character reveals and other content. Stay updated and keep your eyes peeled.


My Preferred Storytelling

Ik in novels you kinda live inside the MCs head and experience the word through them. They give you everything. You know exactly how the MC is feeling at all times

Personally I like just enough insight to have a basic understanding of who they are and interpret how they feel and analyze the story through their words and actions

I wanna feel like I’m figuring out the MC. Learning them as a person as if I was in the verse studying and observing their life. I don’t want to feel like I’m inside of their brain with all the answers.

I wanna know Nyarai is flustered because of the way her words are choked. The way she’s nervously rubbing her arm. The way she is avoiding eye contact and maybe a one line thought along the lines of “wait…what is happening”

A 200 words analysis on why she’s flustered doesn’t fell right to me. Idk that could be the TV/Movie watcher in me. When you watch something you don’t get that level of insight you get what you see and you have to do the rest. You have to form that mental/ emotional analysis. The answers aren’t given to you right away.

In books, they give you the full analysis because you don’t get the visuals (Which definitely makes sense), but if you describe the visuals, do I need the full emotional analysis?

It feels like I’m insulting the readers ability to comprehend and analyze information. If the mood is set and described, body language and actions are detailed along with purposeful dialogue, what else do I need?

I want readers to paint the pictures themselves. I don’t want to spoon feed them everything. I just want to give them the canvas, the paint and the brushes and let them do the rest.

SARSKI Main Cast

Before we get into it, I want to give an update. I had to drop my Fiction Workshop class, because I didn’t have the pre-req. So Neither Zero Year nor SARSKI will be workshopped. My classes this year are heavy reading and writing meaning NHF will have to take the back seat at times. Depending on how bad things get, the ZY hiatus may be shorter so I can post frequently since I have enough ZY to post.

But this post is about SARSKI Character intros!!!!!


Main Cast

Josiah Otis Golden II

  • Nickname(s): Siah, Junior, Scooter (Mainly by Izara)
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Ethnicity: Afro-American
  • Height: 6’8
  • Age: 17 (09/28) (17min after Rai)
  • Grade: 12th
  • Interest: Basketball & Math
  • Closest friend in SARSKI: Avery (Girlfriend)

Quick Facts

  1. He is the #3 Basketball player in the nation.
  2. Didn’t learn how to ride a bike until he was 13
  3. He and Izara have a WatchHead (Youtube) channel with over 400k+ subcribers

Ocean Personality Stats 1 to 5

  • Openness: 2
  • Consciousness: 2
  • Extroversion: 5
  • Agreeableness: 3
  • Neuroticism: 2

Class Schedule

  • 1st Block: College Readiness Math (With Clair)
  • 2nd Block: Athletic Training 3 (With Ivy)
  • 3rd Block: Study Block (With Ivy)
  • Lunch Block (Usually Off Campus with SARSKI or Just Ivy)
  • 4th Block: English 4 (With Zara, Clair, Nickie)
  • 5th Block: Elem/MS Volunteering (MWF MS Math | TTH Elem Math)
  • 6th Block: MS Volunteering (PE)

Contact Name in SARSKI’s phones

  • Ivy’s Phone: L4L ❤️
  • Rai’s Phone: 17min
  • Sadé’s Phone: Math Wizard 👨🏾‍🏫
  • Kao’s Phone: Fe Fi Fo Fum
  • Zara’s Phone: Scooter



Avery Denise Williams

  • Nickname: Ivy, Dede (by dad), Poison (Only by Izara)
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Ethnicity: Mixed (Black & White)
  • Height: 5’5
  • Age: 16 (05/09)
  • Grade: 11th 
  • Interest: Nursing/Athletic Training
  • Closest friend in SARSKI: Siah (Boyfriend)

Quick Facts

  1. She’s an ambidextrous 
  2. Finished 3rd, 1st, and 4th in National spelling Bee’s in middle school
  3. Runs a Kihanna (Rihanna Alt) Stan account with 220k+ followers

Ocean Personality Stats 1 to 5

  • Openness: 3
  • Consciousness: 3
  • Extroversion: 3
  • Agreeableness: 1.5
  • Neuroticism: 3

Class Schedule

  • 1st Block: Algebra II
  • 2nd Block: Athletic Training 3 (With Siah)
  • 3rd Block: Study Block (With Siah)
  • Lunch Block (Usually Off Campus with SARSKI or Just Siah)
  • 4th Block: English 3
  • 5th Block: Bio Lec/lab
  • 6th Block: Women’s History

Contact Name in SARSKI’s phones

  • Siah’s Phone: Queen Ivy ❤️
  • Rai’s Phone: Fleet Admiral Ivy
  • Sadé’s Phone: Ivysaur 🌱
  • Kao’s Phone: Red Rage
  • Zara’s Phone: Poison Ivy



Sarai Robyn Golden

  • Nickname: Rai, Robby (Only by Izara)
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Ethnicity: Afro-American
  • Height: 5’10
  • Age: 17 (09/28) (Oldest triplet)
  • Grade: 11th 
  • Interest: Student Government
  • Closest friend in SARSKI: Sadé

Quick Facts

  1. Played Clarinet in middle school
  2. She’s won the Annual Juneteenth Father Daughter Spades Tournaments six years in a row.
  3. Didn’t skip 1st grade with her siblings, but has 15 college credits while they have a combined zero.

Ocean Personality Stats 1 to 5

  • Openness: 3
  • Consciousness: 5
  • Extroversion: 3
  • Agreeableness: 4
  • Neuroticism: 2

Class Schedule

  • 1st Block: Dual Enrollment Online English (With Wookie)
  • 2nd Block: DEO: Math (With Wookie)
  • 3rd Block: DEO: Psych (With Wookie)
  • Lunch Block (Usually Off Campus with SARSKI or Just Sadé)
  • 4th Block: Study Block
  • 5th Block: Admin Assistant
  • 6th Block: Women’s History (With Ivy)

Contact Name in SARSKI’s phones

  • Siah’s Phone: Robyn
  • Ivy’s Phone: Admiral Rai Robyn
  • Sadé’s Phone: Guiding Light ✨
  • Kao’s Phone: HBIC
  • Zara’s Phone: ❤️ Robby Mommy ❤️



Sadé Victoria Carter

  • Nickname: Vic, KP (Only by Zara)
  • Pronouns: She/Her | They/Them
  • Ethnicity: Afro-Dominican
  • Height: 5’6
  • Age: 19 (01/16)
  • Grade: Gap year
  • Interest: ?????
  • Closest friend in SARSKI: Sarai

Quick Facts

  1. Will avoid confrontation at all cost.
  2. Forgot how to speak Spanish during middle school.
  3. Played tennis all four year of High school and never won a Match. Got really close three times (Most of the girls in their tennis conference are in the top 75).

Ocean Personality Stats 1 to 5

  • Openness: 5
  • Consciousness: 3
  • Extroversion: 4
  • Agreeableness: 5
  • Neuroticism: 2

Work schedule Golden Three Foundation MA (Managerial Assistant)

  • 7am to 11am: In office Errands, Task and Assistance
  • 11am to 12pm: Lunch (Usually with SARSKI or Rai)
  • 12pm to 4pm: Out of office Errands, Task and Assistance

Contact Name in SARSKI’s phones

  • Siah’s Phone: Lil Weirdo
  • Ivy’s Phone: Space Fairy 🧚🏿‍♀️
  • Rai’s Phone: Soulmate ❤️
  • Kao’s Phone: Vicky not Icky
  • Zara’s Phone: KP❤️



Princess Kaori Sugiyama (Name irl would be Princess Mononoke)

  • Nickname: Kao (Momo), Sugi (hates being called that), Luop (by Ghada)
  • Pronouns: He/Him | They/Them
  • Ethnicity: Afro-Puerto Rican & Japanese
  • Height: 5’2
  • Age: 18 (12/04)
  • Grade: 12th
  • Interest: Manga & Streetwear
  • Closest friend in SARSKI: Izara

Quick Facts

  1. Is fluent in Spanish, Japanese and ZY conlangs
  2. Very Introverted prefers Manga over People
  3. Created a One Shot manga instead of writing a college application essay.

Ocean Personality Stats 1 to 5

  • Openness: 3
  • Consciousness: 3
  • Extroversion: 1
  • Agreeableness: 4
  • Neuroticism: 1

Class Schedule

  • 1st Block: Dual Enrollment Online: Stats (at Home)
  • 2nd Block: DEO: English (at Home)
  • 3rd Block: DEO: Physics (at Home)
  • Lunch Block (Usually Off Campus with SARSKI or Just Zara)
  • 4th Block: Graphic Design 4 (With Wookie & Ghada)
  • 5th Block: Study Block (With Zara)
  • 6th Block: Elem. Volunteering: Arts & Crafts (With Wookie & Ghada)

Contact name in SARSKI’s Phones

  • Siah’s Phone: Kao
  • Ivy’s Phone: Princess
  • Rai’s Phone: Tiny
  • Sadé’s Phone: K❤️O
  • Zara’s Phone: Krü



Izara Marshall Golden

  • Nickname: Zara, Baby
  • Pronouns: Her/Her | They/Them
  • Ethnicity: Afro-American
  • Height: 5’9
  • Age: 17 (09/29) (1hr 14min after Siah)
  • Grade: 12th
  • Interest: Manga & Basketball
  • Closest friend in SARSKI: Kao

Quick Facts

  1. She Loves to Cosplay
  2. She is spoiled ROTTEN by Melody (mom), Rai and Sadé.
  3. She is the #92 Basketball recruit in the nation (for boys). She hasn’t come out yet, but plans to after the season.

Ocean Personality Stats 1 to 5

  • Openness: 4
  • Consciousness: 2
  • Extroversion: 3
  • Agreeableness: 3
  • Neuroticism: 5

Class Schedule

  • 1st Block: Off-Campus Volunteering: Assistant to the MA (With Sadé)
  • 2nd Block: OCV: Assistant to the MA (With Sadé)
  • 3rd Block: OCV: Assistant to the MA (With Sadé)
  • Lunch Block (Usually Off Campus with SARSKI or Just Kao)
  • 4th Block: English 4 (With Siah, Nickie, Clair)
  • 5th Block: Study Block (With Kao)
  • 6th Block: MS Volunteering: PE (With Siah)

Contact name in SARSKI’s Phones

  • Siah’s Phone: Point Goddess
  • Ivy’s Phone: Zara
  • Rai’s Phone: Baby ❤️
  • Sadé’s Phone: Sunshine ☀️
  • Kao’s Phone: Jabari Stan


Group Dynamics

They are friends because their parents are friends. Casandra (Kao’s mom) and Melody (Rai, Siah and Zara’s mom) are childhood best friends. Andre (Sadé’s dad) and Josiah Sr. were college roommates. Denis (Avery’s dad) was Andre’s relief pitcher at A&M is now his agent. All of them went to GRAMU (Golden Ridge Agricultural & Mechanical University) together including Kao’s dad Mike and, Avery’s late mother, Alison.

The Golden’s and Carter’s are next door neighbors. The William’s and Sugiyama’s are across the street neighbors on the other side of the Golden Ridge Estates.

SARSKI have all been going to Rashad Irving Academy together since Avery and Rai started 6th grade (The school was only 6th through 12th at the time).

Siah is the famous/flirty friend. Someone is always in his face and he sometimes forgets about his whole six year long relationship. Avery is the fighter. She always has to be right (mainly because Siah is always wrong). Rai is the responsible friend . She’s the most rational, keeps them out of trouble and the best friend to vent to. Sadé is the lover. She’ll always make you feel warm, loved and valued. She gives forehead kisses like they’re hugs. Kao is the comedian. By far the funniest in the group. Sarcasm is his first language. He can always lighten the mode. Zara is the wildcard. she’s very neurotic. You never know what to expect from her.

A typical day out for them starts as telling Kao exactly what is planned 96hrs before. Sivy arguing or being Lovey Dovie, debating if they should even go. Sadé getting them to come anyway. Zara changing her outfit 27 times. Kao and Sadé enjoying the chaos. Zara, Kao and Siah arguing over who should drive. Ivy, Vic and Rai laughing because Ivy doesn’t drive, Sadé is an awful driver and Rai simply doesn’t want to. Siah and Kao finally deciding to drive because Zara’s back seat is a mess.

Ivy and Vic ride with Siah. Ivy only sits in the back seat middle regardless of who’s in the car. Vic is trying to push a new playlist on Siah and bond. Rai and Zara both fought over the front seat but Rai wins because she’s an inch taller. Zara and Kao listen to anime intros mainly to bother Rai. Kao gets their first because he speeds and Siah is a surprisingly responsible driver.

Photoshoot time. Kao and Rai only need three takes. Sadé and Zara want 17434674 pictures. Ivy always finds the light first. Siah takes pictures with the same pose. At least five people notice him and ask for pictures. Ivy and Rai make sure nobody is getting too friendly. They ask the last person Siah took a picture with to take the group picture.

Somebody’s kid is trying to sauce Rai or Sadé. Rai is a nice no, but Sadé takes the number anyway because she’s not good at saying no. Kao and Zara are people watching. By now Ivy’s Capture (Snapchat alt) stories is too long.

They have tons of fun, but Kao’s social battery dies and they have to get food to recharge him. After about four or five hours. Kao is trying to go home because they said it would be three hours tops. Sadé is still trying to change locations. Kao toughs it out for another hour.

After the fun, Zara drives Kao’s car back because he needs to take a nap. They go to Sadé’s house and chill in the backyard. Kao finally stops sleep walking and rows something up. They go next door to the Golden house trying to see if Melody made desert (she definitely did). After they clean out the pantry, Sadé walks and Kao takes Ivy home. That’s how a typical SARSKI Saturday goes.

Ninth Hour Expanded Universe

ZY arc one is complete!!!! A few more time skip shorts will be posted but there’s no timeline or schedule. So be on the look out but don’t hold your breath.

About a month ago, I announced that I’d be writing different titles during ZY’s hiatus. In this post I’d like to introduce you to some of the NHEU.


SARSKI is about Izara, a 17yo Trans girl, Her older triplet sister, Sarai, brother, Josiah, and their three best friends: Avery, Sadé and Kaori. We follow them and their journeys in friendship and love through their late teens.

Jo(s)iah, (A)very, Sa(R)ai, (S)adé, (K)aori & (I)zara.

SARSKI takes place in the real world-ish. Cities, brands and other things have fictional names. They were born between 2000 & 2002, but nothing is really time specific.



Real Ninja of the Leaf Village, is a Naruto fan fiction. I’ve never written one or even read one before, I just know I really wish we would’ve got a blank period Slice of Life series instead of Boruto.

RNOTLV is inspired by my own head canon and RDCword1 videos. I originally wrote it as a skit script. It’s supposed to be like a reality show following Konoha 11 post war. Boruto is not canon. the cast of Boruto are just actors. Konoha 11 is still 16 to 17 years old fresh off Naruto v Sasuke post war.

RNOTLV starts as angry fans and the OG Naruto cast storm the Naruto HQ and demand for the cancelling of a boruto and that a Blank Period show is made instead.

Three producers, A DBZ stan, A Naruto part one stan and an aspiring writer who hates shounen are tasked with producing the reality show. Though the producers are apart of the story, they mainly exist for shits and giggles.

I wanted to pin point a Lead characters in each of the for teams. Sakura for team 7, Shino for team 8, Neji (he’s not dead) for team 9, and Ino for team 10.

It should be fun.


Deities of the Gem Swords

DGS is my attempt at a Swordsmen series. There are six gemswords that have great power but each one carries a curse. The world is war torn. There is a story for each of the gem swords, when they were wielded and the dual to the death that followed.

I wanted to try my hand in drawing again with this series, so this could be the first NHEU series with visuals. I’m writing it in script format, but if the drawing thing doesn’t work out (Hopefully it does) no need to worry I’ll post the text version.


Ebo’s Council

Ebo’s council is a tale of a Sorceress Kabibe. Her people were forced to leave their sacred land in order to escape war. She plans to help a young chief, Ebo, defeat their common enemy so his people can have peace and her’s can return home.

Ebo’s council is a spin-off of sorts from ZY. Ebo’s council is actually two plays that are based on historical events of the 6th cycle. The plays were written in the late 7th cycle but didn’t become famous until 1328 8th cycle.

The second play is our 1st Saga Lead, Nyarai Aku’s favorite play ever. She’s watched the Grand Maharaj Sinaga Playhouse original recording over 300 times. She can recite the play by memory. She’s only seen it performed live twice.

The first part is a hero story and the second is a tragedy.



Friendly reminder, All of my post are draft work. Nothing is final per se. ZY is a bit rough around the edges, but these series can potentially be worse. I’m not as far ahead in any of them as I am with ZY. So these series will be written as I go. Bear with me and enjoy the ride.

Update, I was going to workshop SARSKI for my class but, it’s in the middle of some huge redrafting changes and it won’t be ready in time, so Zero Year will get workshopped instead. That means ZY’s Hiatus could be shorter than expected.

Zero Year Chapter 10.2

Key Information / Terms

  • Lord Shaka’s 50th birthday gift: For her best friends 50th the Queen sent him 50kg of Ashe reactive gemstones from the Caves of Jerissi with a hand written letter.
  • Shaka’s response: Shaka responded a week after receiving the Queen’s letter.
  • NDG (Northern Democratic Government): the modern name of the Wave Island and Mainland. The Queen uses it because she feels that the Wave hasn’t been the Wave since Shaka’s term ended. 
  • MLQT3: Motor Luxury Quad Tech 3: An Ashe core powered car that Shaka and Jabari designed for the Queens 40th birthday. It is the third model of the MLDT line (drives in hover and ground). Only the three is a Quad tech (drives in hover, ground, air and underwater). Only three were made. The prototype of ’84, The Queen’s perfected version of ‘85, and the one Jabari got in ‘88.  

Key Setting

  • N/A

Key Characters

Picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/296093

  • Gasira ( Queen Zula Abimbola fourth of her name)
  • Lord Shaka Akpabio



ZERO YEAR DISCLAIMER: Though many of the Zero Year’s elements are inspired by and based on existing African Cultures, Zero Year is not an accurate representation of African cultures. The purpose of ZY is to appreciate and pay homage to African Cultures via a fictional story and world. Zero Year is not real and shouldn’t be treated as a canon of African Cultures, traditions, practices, and people.




Chapter 10.2: Letters From Friends

Dear Relationship hider,

Happy half-century, old friend. I wish you could’ve come to the UPFR this year. Last we spoke, you wanted to do some research in Jerissi. I decided to bring Jerissi to you since the NDG won’t allow it. I made sure they were gathered and cared for by Pures and Non-expressives, just like you asked. It was a bit unnecessary since only Jiwe herself can manipulate gems, but anything for you.

I met Jabari. Such a well-mannered child. Just as witty and loving as you. I didn’t sense any sorcery placed on them. A witches curses die with her. They are free from darkness. Love them dearly and unconditionally. Continue to be the father you are, and Jabari will be fine.

Ojwang taught me how to operate that vehicle you gifted me for my 40th. It is just as fun as you said it would be, but my stance remains. Who in the realm would need something that can drive, hoover, fly, and dive? You’re such a showoff. Have you run out of things to engineer?

I hate to end it on a sour note, but this coming winter may be my last. I’ve never been scared in my life until now. It’s unnerving. I have no idea how to tell Bug. She’ll be devastated. I’ve been lying to her this whole time. She’ll hate me for it. I’ve failed her.

The friend you keep secrets from, Gasira

P.S. Jabari tells me Asha isn’t a single woman anymore. You write me every week. How did you fail to mention your new love? She already deserves better!!!! 



Dear friend whom my child has deceived,

        Thank you for the Crystals. Like I said before, Though Eartherians may not be able to manipulate crystal, you all are still connected to them. Any ashe reaction would’ve ruined them. It’s why I can’t study the sea brick here. With your crystals, I’ll be able to inform my non-expressives how to conduct their research.

        Thank you for seeing Jabari. They’ve developed a passion for 3rd cycle architecture. We only have the 12th volume in Nairobi’s 15 volume set. I know the original full set is in the Royal archives. Also, they would like to meet the Princess. They were unable at the UPFR. They should be able to finish Nairobi’s set in four days and maybe two days to enjoy the Princess’s company if she allows it. I ask that you allow Jabari to visit the Crystal castle for a week sometime this spring.

        I’m glad that you finally decided to drive QT. It’s almost been nine years. I was starting to feel insulted. I even made Jabari one to get some feedback. I didn’t build QT with necessity in mind. Nobody would have practical use of such a thing. Maybe except for the Ohunu. It’s just supposed to be fun. You’re right at times I do feel like I’ve run out of new things to invent. For years now, I’ve just been improving things that were already adequate. That’s why I asked for the crystals. I’m more curious about the mystical force and nature of ashe.

        I do not know how it feels to have death looming at my door, but I know how much your friendship means to me. I know how much you mean to the Abimbola and all Eartherians. Most of all, I know how much you mean to Zula. She will never be able to hate you. Your heart will lead you the right way to tell her. I like what you’ve said to me about Jabari. Love her dearly and unconditionally. Continue to be the Mother you are, and Zula will be fine. She’ll always be your little Bug, but you’ve raised a bright, strong young woman. You haven’t failed her in any way.

The friend with no secrets, Shaka

P.S. Lady Okiro is still a single woman, but I’m working to change that. We’ve been friends for so long I want to move slow. Jabari is just manifesting.



Behind Chapter 10.2

Gasira and Shaka have been friends since he took office in 1370. The Queen’s 40th birthday was the last time Shaka left the North. Since then, they’ve written to each other every week without fail. They write their letter’s in Shari as an inside joke. They both claim the Ohunu is somehow intercepting the letters, so they save them the time of translating. 

The Queen allowed Jabari to visit the Crystal Castle. They spent three days with Zula and Zaire and the other two and a half weeks locked in the Royal Archives reading Nairobi’s volumes and anything else the Queen allowed them to. 

Nairobi Tangara was a great architect and engineer from Prinanon when it used to be a western nation. She was commissioned to redesign the Eartherian Capital by Queen Lulu Adeleke second of her name. In her volumes, along with her discoveries and theories, she documents how she built and designed the Castle. All but the 12th volume were banded from public access because they contain secrets of the Castle and other important structures within the capital. Not even Prinanon has rights to their Country women’s most significant accomplishments.

In 1262, Sanga Adeleke, first of her name, released five copies of the 12th volume (one per continent) because she deemed it didn’t hold any confidential information. In the 132 years since it’s been available to the public, only 2,432 people have read it about 18 to 19 a year. Not just anyone is allowed to read them. The books are just under 45,000 years old. They are rewritten and redrawn about every 75 years, just like everything else in the Royal Archives. 

So What Are Our Options?

So what are our options? If that isn’t the answer, then what is? So you are voting for Kanye? So you are voting for Trump? Not voting is a vote for Trump. You aren’t providing any answers. You’re breaking the vote. You’re doing exactly what they want you to do. Voting is our greatest weapon.

No, voting is not our greatest weapon. These questions and phrases are usually a response to statements along the lines of “Voting for Biden won’t do anything.” These questions never come from people searching for genuine answers or responses. They’re played like the Ace of spades, the big joker, or the draw four color change. They’re saying, “Shut the fuck up!”

Before I get into it, I think I should mention that I’m not telling anyone to vote or not vote. That choice is for everyone to make for themselves. I’m saying that we shouldn’t be dismissive about what others choose to do and that we shouldn’t stop at the decision of voting or not.

In theory, voting is useful in a democratic government, but the US ain’t too democratic with the two-party system, winner takes all, electoral college, voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc. We don’t live in a democratic society. 

The people aren’t heard. We aren’t represented. We aren’t cared for or about. To our government, we don’t matter. We’re just labor, consumers, bodies to fight for imperialism, and every four years votes. They don’t care, and they never will.

Voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not bring about change. They will not save us. They will not abolish the industrial prison complex or the military-industrial complex. They won’t put an end to US imperialism. They won’t stop the drone strikes. They won’t cut the Military budget to increase spending on social programs. They won’t make healthcare and education free. They won’t take down structural and institutional racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, ableism, classism, etc. They won’t fight homelessness or hunger. They are not going to do anything for the betterment of the people.

We can’t pretend that they will. We can’t even hope, wish, or pray they will. It is not going to happen. 

Some people, mainly liberals, suggest that we let go of their past, elect them anyway, and just hold them accountable in office. This is the peak of wishful thinking. I honestly can’t envision this holding them accountable thing. Libs are selling dreams with that one. How can we the people hold them accountable while they are in office? Impeach them? No, that only works if they break the law, and there are soo many legal ways for politicians to fuck us over. Let’s say we do catch sleepy Joe and Kopmala breaking the law and impeach them, will it be enough for them to be removed from office?

Why would we give them the reward they don’t deserve and then expect them to act in a deserving way????? Let’s say your child stole your car, got tickets for speeding, reckless driving, and DUI. Do you think giving them their dream car and hoping they don’t speed is the best course of action? Because that’s what this accountability thing is.

There is no holding them accountable. That is a myth. I don’t know where that shit is coming from. IDK who popularized that idea. Honestly, it was probably a centralist like Biden that wholeheartedly agrees with his political platform, trying to shut up democrats who oppose Biden. 

The only real thing I can see Sleepy & Cop changing is that they might take COVID more seriously, but they won’t cancel rent. They won’t pay people monthly to keep us alive and home, because that’s a bit too commie for our blue capitalist.

“It doesn’t matter; we have to get trump out of office.” I think trump taking office has blinded us. Because he is so unfit and ill-equipped for office, we’ve come to believe that trump is the only problem in America. Trump is a symptom of all the evil in our society. He is a product, not the source nor producer. All of our problems will continue to exist under any President, Congress, and or Supreme Court. 

Our problems are structural and institutional. They are deeply embedded in our society. A vote for Sleepy & Cop won’t change that or even begin to change that. It’s not a step in the right direction. Trump is walking backward. Biden wants to stop walking, sit down and enjoy the oppression. Really let it open up the pores and get into the skin. 

We, as the black community, have to realize and understand that we have no allies. Just how the police and criminal justice system aren’t our friends, that the government ain’t our friend neither. We are all we have. Casting your vote for the lesser evil allows the evil to remain. Voting for Biden allows him and democrats like to continue to be mediocre. It doesn’t push them. It doesn’t encourage evolution and or revolution of the Democratic Party. 

One could argue that not voting helps Trump win. I get it, but how does voting for Biden help us? It’s a lose lose. Voting presents no attractive option for black people. We continue to lose and vote for the lesser evil every four years. 

If we vote Biden in, we’ll spend four years protesting his legislature. Then what? We’ll vote him in again because he’ll probably be a bit better than the GOP candidate. Then what? We hope after we allowed Joe to get away with everything for eight years that the Dems will nominate a candidate that will represent us? FUCK NO!!!!!!

Biden is on the ballot because we allowed Obama to do nothing because he was black. Joe’s whole campaign is I’m Obama’s friend, and black people always vote blue. They aren’t even trying to get our vote. And the Kopmala selection?????? They are fucking playing us. We have been protesting Police brutality since May 25th, and they give us the Black Cop as VP. They are playing identity politics with us. They knew Black people would be happy she’s black and that women will be happy she’s a woman.

WE ARE MISSING THE FUCKING POINT GUYS!!!! This is not a victory for black people; this is a slap in the face. Kopmala’s politics are trash. She believes in everything we’ve been protesting against. Kopmala is our enemy, not our moment in history. All Skinfolk ain’t Kinfolk. Kopmala is not Kinfolk, and if you think she is, you damn sho ain’t no kin of mine. 

Between the Stupid Rac/pist & the man who doesn’t believe in science, The Old Rac/pist & The Cop and Coonye & the man who wants to colonize space, there are no attractive options. As a black queer socialist against all forms of Structural, Institutional and Interpersonal hate, I am not represented by any of them nor do our politics match in the slightest. I will not be casting a vote on November 3rd.

So what should we do if voting won’t help?

The system is against us. It was made on our ancestors’ backs to keep them and now us out. We have to be our change. We have to fight for ourselves. We have to be informed on our society and how it has conditioned and socialized us to hate ourselves and other oppressed groups so that we can never band together. 

Literally, anything that you can do that uplifts and betters the whole of the black community (including all intersecting groups: Women, LGBT, Disabled, Poor, etc.) will do more for us than voting. Reading about black liberation. Protecting, Supporting, and Listening to women and or queer people. Volunteering, Organizing, Informing, Donating, etc.

It’s not a quick fix, but we have to get informed, unlearn the hate taught to us and unify as a community. We can’t destroy the system while being Misogynistic, Homophobic, Transphobic, Capitalist, Ableist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc. The only hate we can hold is the hate for the system.

Love, Unity & Revolution

Zero Year Chapter 10.1

20th UPFR Summit Key Moments

The key events are the top three, not the only three. Just because an event doesn’t make the key three doesn’t mean it wasn’t important. (not listed in order of importance)

  1. The formation of the International Criminal Retrieval Task Force
  2. Nyarai and Azrael stealing the book
  3. Maaza manipulating Jabari




Writing Arc One

This arc is a told of 10 chapters and just under 20k words. It’s pretty lengthy. Although this is the Storm of the Spirit Saga a Lightning lead Story, This is opening arc of the entire series of Zero Year. I felt I needed an event that brings all of the main characters together while kick starting Nyarai’s story at the same time. The UPFR was perfect. It will be a long time until they’ll be an arc with this many characters in it.

There are several ZY drafts but I’d like to talk about the difference from the previous draft and this one and other facts.

  1. The Prologue wasn’t it’s own chapter. It was piece up in flashbacks form Nyarai, Raziya, Dakarai and Khari. I changed it because some of those flash back moment’s didn’t fit and I wanted to start the series with a bang so I made it one chapter.
  2. The Summit wasn’t the starting point of the present time. I started before the summit with Nyarai seeing Azrael for the first time. Zula & Zaire Sparring in the Castle courtyard. and Jabari being given the order to tail the Ohunu. I felt like I could compress that info and put into the UPFR.
  3. Chapter Nine “Mother to the Motherless” didn’t exist. In the Last draft I wanted to keep Maaza’s motives as secret as possible. It wasn’t until I wrote the second arc and decided to change it.
  4. Massai was to never speak at all, but I felt like he deserved a line or two after Raziya’s claims about the ROF.
  5. Chapter Eight “The Senses Lie” is my favorite chapter this arc. I love Jabari and Nyarai’s fight. Jabari’s dream is drowned in foreshadowing and symbolism. Azrael had another impressive stack but it was in a spar against Dakarai.



Time Skip Highlights

Most of the Arcs are months apart and or only focus on one set of characters. In the time skip shorts, I’ll be summarizing what characters that weren’t the focus of the arc were doing during the arc and what happened after the arc leading into the next one. These events are CANON and have plot relevance. This arc has four and they’ll be posted starting next week.



Next Arc Preview

The following story arc is titled “Heretic of Hiraa.” HoH takes place five months after the Summit. Nyarai and Azrael have been training to hopefully reclassify, but they’ve both hit a wall. Dakarai has his hands full with Neela since he was unable to teach her before the RYFT. To keep his promise to his granddaughter, he sends Nyarai and Azrael to an old friend in Hiraa for guidance. Meanwhile, Maaza has noticed somethings been misplaced.  

Do We Have To Be Black Royalty?

Homecoming is the national anthem. I Care???????? I’ll sing my heart and lungs out every single time
She’s in my top 5 listened to artist for 2020 so far
Apiculture is Beekeeping
I stayed up till 3am and live tweeted just like you


This post is a critique on the Black is King discourse. I am a whole Stan. This critique doesn’t come from a place of hate or jealousy. Though this critique is centered around Black is King and Beyoncé, this critique can apply to anyone or any project that makes wealth and royalty synonymous with African cultures. Also this critique is more on how we as viewers consume the art than it is about Beyoncé.


Spoiler Alert. I don’t dive too much into the film, but I do reveal and speak on elements of it.


Two things can be true. I feel like people on both sides are missing the points or at least not arguing them. Black is King is beautiful and moving, but at the same time it can be damaging depending on how we consume it.

It is vital to acknowledge that Black Is King / The Gift is Lion King. It follows the same story. It’s dedicated to Beyoncé’s son Sir. It’s about how he is destined for African Royalty but gets lost in the “real world” and how he finds his way back. Beyonce is not telling a story of Africa and its 54 countries. She also is not telling a story that is accurate or relatable to the majority of people (Which she is not required to do).

Without drawing or jumping to conclusions, It is puzzling that with all of the ancestral imagery used in BiK, the queerness of it was left out or not at least visible. Our ancestors in pre-colonial Africa didn’t live in a heteronormative world. Their gender was expressed fluidly. Homosexuality was practiced. In some cultures, Same-sex acts were seen as ceremonial, and that same-sexuality was thought to have a mystical power to it. All you have to do is google “was pre-colonial Africa gay” to find this information. I do not know the BiK process, but its weird BiK was Heteronormative. It’s ignorant to assume nobody in the film was queer, but nothing about it was visibly queer.

It is problematic for us as African Americans or anyone of the African diaspora to assume BiK is the Africa we’d experience. It’s arrogant to claim that we want to reconnect with Africa but stop at “ancestral royalty” or the very broad and vague cultural aesthetics depicted in BiK. That is very dismissive and ignorant. Africa is a continent of 54 countries, with about 3000 tribes and 2000 languages. Africa is not one culture. Africa is made of many beautiful, vibrant, and diverse cultures.

We have to conceptualize how vast African Cultures are. I know South Floridians know that South Florida ain’t like the rest of Florida. We know when it comes to Dade and Broward, although they are counties right next to each other, as soon as you cross county line you are in a different place culturally. We understand this due to the proximity. Knowing how different and diverse the 3,754 square miles of dade and Broward is, means we shouldn’t generalize the 11.73 million square miles of Africa.

To Beyoncé’s credit, it would be impossible to represent all of Africa. I’m sure she tried to represent as much as Africa as she could in BiK. I’m sure she researched different African cultures, traditions, and practices during the process of making BiK. In this case, I think the problem falls on the viewer, especially the non-African viewer. We have to understand that the “Aesthetic” we see in BiK is not an accurate one. BiK uses and mixes many different cultural elements to form its “aesthetic”. Africa’s cultures are too vibrant and diverse for us to accept BiK as “our” Africa. Though the pieces of culture and the people are real, BiK exists in a fictional land. That is not exactly Africa.

If we want to reclaim our African roots and be proud of them, we cannot stop at “ancestral royalty.” We can’t cherry-pick and wear it like a medal. African cultures are soo much more than that. If we want to reconnect with our roots, we should figure out what country and or tribe our ancestry draws back. Learn that culture and dive into it. Maybe visit if possible. But we can’t stop at the monolithic Africa shown in BiK. 

Also, realistically we wouldn’t all be Royalty in Africa. That’s impossible. To Beyoncé’s credit, the “royalty” she depicts in the BiK would be accurate for her and her family… because she’s a billionaire. As said before, she tells her story, not ours. We can’t accept that as canon to our lives. It’s very similar to the “American dream.” If we know the American dream is not real, then we cannot cling to the “African royalty dream” either. Just how we are everyday people here in America, we’d be everyday people in Africa. There is no problem with that either. It just more of a reason to try and reconnect to the countries and or tribes we came from because the story in BiK isn’t ours. 

To my understanding, the purpose of BiK was not only to tell Beyoncé’s story but also to empower African diaspora. To show the beauty and power of it all. I think BiK accomplished that to an extent. I know Brown Skin Girl was beautiful and brought me to tears while watching it. BiK has great intentions, but it makes Africa’s beauty synonymous with Royalty. That is problematic and dismissive. I understand that the intention was to get people to stop viewing Africa as a poor dark dystopia, but swinging to extreme wealth isn’t very representative either. Africa is beautiful and powerful not because of Royalty but because of the vibrant and diverse cultures made up and represented through all classes of people, especially the masses that aren’t Royalty. The same way Black Capitalism will not free us; African Royalty will not do it either.

Yes, it’s good to see black people in higher places and doing great things but not to the point where our self-worth is reliant on us coming from Royalty and possibly becoming successful. We shouldn’t love ourselves solely because our ancestors were Royalty. That is damaging. Our self-love and worth CANNOT be conditional. That frame of thought feeds into black exceptionalism. Ypipo tend to be okay with the “good blacks” the ones “making something of themselves” while hating black people who aren’t educated, successful, or wealthy.

For us, it is not a simple decision to make something of ourselves. We don’t have the same opportunities available. No matter how hard we work, we’re actively being oppressed, exploited, and kept out of the same structures that ypipo use to determine our value. Basing our worth on the fact that we could be exceptional, is not it. Our worth shouldn’t be based on how profitable and productive we are in society. Self-love and worth MUST come from within. It has to come from a place that can’t be calculated or measured. A place that is accessible to all of us. Royalty and riches are NOT accessible.

We, as black people, need to love ourselves because we deserve it. Because we are human. Because the self-hate we experience was taught to us. Because we are making an effort to unlearn that same hate. Because we are beautiful. Because we are full of joy and spirit. Because we write the rules to our existence. We do not have to be excellent or exceptional for love. Love is not a reward given to the highest scorer. Love is for all of us. 

Our worth is not based on who we come from, who we are, or who we may become. We are worth it because we are. As we celebrate BiK, remember that as important as it is to see black people be extraordinary, it’s more important to know that we do not have to be extraordinary to have worth or to deserve love and respect.

It is only right that I mention the entire movie is not draped in African royalty and wealth. It’s really the overall framework and theme that is. As said before the film mirrors Lion King. The boy spends most of the film in the “real world”. We see African people and African cultures in a more authentic light. We see their joy, spirit, beauty, unity and love. For me, that was more powerful than any of the displays of wealth.

Mood 4 Eva is probably the only scene that really makes wealth synonymous with African Culture. Again there’s is nothing wrong with it. It is just how we should consume it. It’s possible anyone could live that life, but we aren’t worthless because we don’t live that life. African royalty is not the bar that we should be measuring ourselves to. Enormous wealth shouldn’t be a priority of ours. Love, Happiness, peace of mind & spirit, stability and community should be a priority of ours. Anything else is a bonus.

Beyoncé and BiK does a great job of showing us both wealth and everyday life. One would ask why aren’t any of her critiques address that. Well if there’s a hole in your boat you aren’t going to talk about how beautifully the sails are catching wind. Also I believe there are some critics that haven’t seen the film. The majority of critics are the same hateful people that dogged Blue Ivy. Some people just simply hate Beyoncé. Some critics are baseless conspiracy theorist. Some critics are centered on Beyoncé which I think is wrong. BiK is all about how the viewer consumes it. She can’t make a perfect film and spoon feed us everything she’s learned in making the film. We have to understand that BiK is a fictional, metaphorical film. Beyoncé is telling us to find our way back and some think watching BiK was finding their way back. BiK was to persuade us to do what she did. She wasn’t doing it for us.

I’m writing a series that is inspired by pre-colonial Africa. I’m trying to appreciate and give homage to the beauty and power in African cultures that already exist. In this attempt to create a fictional world inspired by African cultures, an inaccurate “Africa” is created. Honestly speaking, up until my research in writing the series, I didn’t have much knowledge of African cultures, and I still don’t know a ton of it either. To someone who’s never interacted with African cultures, it would be easy to accept the series as canon Africa. The same goes for Black is King. BiK should inspire people to get more connected with their African roots, but realistically it won’t and it’s not Beyoncé’s fault either. People are just going to stop at BiK and not look any further. We have to be better than that.

Tweets like this (whether jokes or not) are why Black is King can’t be the only thing we use to connect to Africa.
(That tweet has over 11k likes)

I love Beyonce; in my twitter bio, I call myself an apicultural scientist, but I don’t follow her blindly, nor am I afraid to critique her work validly. BiK is a beautiful production. At no point in the film does Beyonce claim BiK’s monolithic aesthetic or story to be canon, but neither is it disclaimed. She has every right to tell her story, but that doesn’t mean she’s absolved from critique. Her intentions seem to be great, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some damaging byproducts of the film. Beyonce doesn’t owe us anything. She is not responsible for how people interpret her work. We, as viewers, have to be more mindful and observant of the things we consume. Not just BiK and Beyonce but everything and everyone. 

The Valid critics of BiK are trying to get people to understand that the Heteronormative and Monolithic African Royalty Aesthetic in BiK is harmful and unrealistic. To fellow beehive, I know Beyonce gets an unjust amount of hate that is usually baseless, but this time not the case. Nobody is saying you can’t enjoy BiK, but it is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that BiK is FICTION. Though it is based on and built of real elements, IT IS NOT REAL. Enjoy the beauty of the film, but DO NOT accept it as canon Africa. DO NOT ignore and overlook the beauty and power of African cultures and traditions for BiK. DO NOT make BiK your only connection to Africa in your attempt to Find Your Way Back.  

Zero Year Chapter Ten

This is the Arc Finale lets get into it

BYR Chapter Ten

Key Information/Terms

  • Troop Limitation of 1339: The 2nd Deadlock war was almost a decade long and close to one million people died. So, in 1339, All nations and the UPFR agreed that no nation was allowed to have more than 25,000 active troops. 
  • RDC: Rogue, deserter, and criminals
  • RTM: Recovery team member
  • Combatant Classes: There are six classes of Combatants, six being the highest skilled. 
    • Level 1: Anybody that has passed their Ashe competency course. 
    • Level 2: Anybody that has taken any form of combat training.
    • Level 3 (Lower and Upper): People who have received advanced training in combat usually for their profession. Level threes and higher have to make that known on any form of legal identification. 
    • Level 4 (Lower and Upper): have an Expert level of combative ability. These people can’t travel internationally freely. The nation they visited has to be notified. 
    • Level 5 (Lower and Upper): have a Master level of combative ability. Similar to level fours, they can’t travel freely neither. Nations can block their travel solely based on the combative rank because they are capable of being a threat to society.
    • Level 6: They have a Supreme Level of combative ability. All rules of the lower classes apply to them. The UPFR also has to be notified and approve of them. The UPFR can also decide to place them under constant surveillance while they travel. This is the smallest combatant population. 

Key Setting

  • Grand War room

Key Characters

Picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/296093

  • Maaza
  • Jahzara
  • Khari
  • Gahiji
  • Queen Zula
  • Raziya

Massai Gila

Alias: N/A

Age: 58 (09/27/1335)

Home Nation: Olomader, ROF (Western ROF)

Occupation: ROF Prime Minister

Ashe E/I/A: Pure/none/Ashe Eye

In story fact: He has a “Pure” Accent, meaning his second tongue is not burden by an other native accent since 2nd is his native language. His voice and speech pattern is very profound and elegant.



ZERO YEAR DISCLAIMER: Though many of the Zero Year’s elements are inspired by and based on existing African Cultures, Zero Year is not an accurate representation of African cultures. The purpose of ZY is to appreciate and pay homage to African Culture via a fictional story and world. Zero Year is not real and shouldn’t be treated as a canon of African Cultures, traditions, practices, and people.



Chapter Ten: Checkmate

It was Day of Lightning (11th) the most important day of the Summit. Intercontinental crime and crime prevention were to be discussed. “As you all know, A rising problem in the realm since the ’60s has been Rogues and deserters. Our current system has proved flawed and ineffective. Today we wish to fix that,” Maaza announced to the room.

“The UPFR should handle this themselves. You created the awful system,” Lady Elhassan (the lady of Rauwia) said.

“Lady Elhassan, You may not have been here in ’86, but the current system was a collective effort,” Jahzara said.

“Besides, the UPFR doesn’t have the manpower to handle such a feat. There is a better solution out there,” Khari said.

“Maybe we should adopt the ROF’s system. No one in. No one out. If you ask me, everyone should handle their own nations,” the Lord of Haigoric laughed.

“You shouldn’t let such divisive ideas like that spew out of your face at a United Peace Front of the Realm Summit,” Massai said.

“International travel and immigration regulations could be revamped,” Wahjori said.

“I don’t think a new law is going to stop rogues and deserters. They seem comfortable with breaking them already,” Asha said.

“Excuse me, Head Chair, but it feels like we’re all aiming in the dark. How many are there?” Femi asked.

“Well, it’s hard to say an exact amount, but more than 7,000 RDCs have been registered, but less than 40% of RDCs are registered. We estimate a range of 20 to 25,” Khari said.

“Less than 40%!!!”



           “That’s impossible!!!”

“So, there are 25,000 class 3 or higher criminals lingering in the shadows? Do you have an idea of where they are?” Xolani asked.

           “Unfortunately, the council has yet to find out,” Jahzara said.

           Maaza looked over to Dakarai. Not a word from the old fool. I can feel his guilt. “I wonder what the Lightning think about all of this,” Maaza said.

           “Yes, the rest of the realm is curious,” Khari said.

           “Well, the council’s estimation is wrong. There are upward of 30,000 RDCs and counting out there. I can tell you where they are, but I can’t answer on the record,” Raziya said.

           The room filled with chatter. How did things go from maybe 25 to definitely more than 30? How did the Lightning know this? The head chairs spoke amongst themselves, deciding if they’d let Raz talk off the record. “The council will permit Coordinator Aku to answer off the record,” Khari said.

           “Thank you, Head Chair Nwadike. Many of them are hiding in Merchant nations, UPFR protected nations, and lastly, the ROF.”

           “The ROF?!?! That’s the holiest place in the realm!!”

           “Merchant nations ?!?!?”

           “They are everywhere!!”

           “Are you suggesting that I am harboring tens of thousands of criminals?” Massai asked in a calm tone.

           “No. I’m telling you that RDCs tend to travel to the ROF. Whether you have knowledge of it or not has yet to be determined,” Raziya said.

           “I know for a fact that they haven’t obtained this information through legal means!!!! The Ohunu is a corrupt intelligence agency that should be shut down!!” Gahiji yelled as he slammed his fist on the desk.

           “Interesting. Raziya, I would like to let you know anything else you say will have to be on the record,” Maaza said.

           “Has the Lightning thought of any possible solution?” Femi asked.

           “Our best possible solution is not legal yet,” Raziya said.

           “What in the Lightning is?” Gahiji said as he threw himself back in his seat.

           “Lord Gahiji, please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the two biggest political criminals in recent years both from the Wave? One is presumed dead, and the other remains at large,” Raziya said.

           “Why does he keep doing this to himself,” Nyambura whispered to Asha.

           “He likes the sound of his voice regardless of what he says,” Asha laughed.

           “I hope the Lightning council chooses Raziya to succeed Dakarai when the time comes,” the Queen said.

           “She is amazing,” Xolani said.

           “Our current system has two considerable flaws. The first is we’ve employed people who are incapable of the job of capturing RDCs. How can a class 2 combatant capture classes 4 through 6? The second, Hypothetically, if Wave or Eartherian RDCs class 4 and 5s hid in a nation like Prith where the percentage of class 3 combatant or higher per capita is among the lowest in the realm. Prith’s forces won’t be equipped to capture them.” Raziya said.

           “And what do you suggest?” Khari said.

           “Classes upper 3 through 5 should be permitted to recover and detain RDCs across borders,” Raziya said.

           The room was quiet. They all sat and tried to process what Raziya had suggested. Wahjori and Gahiji were not pleased. The rock’s reaction was less intense. Massai seemed unphased like always. The Council members spoke among themselves.

           Gahiji was about to start yelling again until Asha grabbed his arm. “Please sit down,” Asha said through her teeth.

           “The Gall!!! This has to be a joke!!!!” Wahjori said.

           “She is literally proposing that we agree to legalize the Ohunu’s already illegal activities!!!”

           “And I thought Dakarai was crafty,” Ojwang laughed. 

           “I don’t see a better way to fight this either. This is Checkmate,” Femi laughed.

“I’m afraid I’d have to agree with Lord Gahiji a bit. This feels a bit nostalgic. Very similar to Lord Dakarai’s western reach. There have to be some rules in place to prevent such a thing,” Massai said.

           “This proposal would be breaking several laws,” Jahzara said.

           “We can’t allow classes 3 and above to freely roam across borders. Isn’t that the problem we’re already facing?” Khari said.

           “Chairman Nwadike, You and your colleagues can set the regulations and limitations. Whether if you like it or not, this is the only solution,” Raziya said as she leaned back in her chair.

           “How about the UPFR creates some type of approval process to grant travel of recovery teams. That way, we know who is traveling,” Xolani said.

           “Granting travel doesn’t sound like a solution. Is nobody seeing what the Lightning is trying to do?” Gahiji said.

           “And what do you know about solutions Lord Gahiji? You have shot down every idea brought to the room. If you have no intention of being productive, you should also have no intention of speaking,” Raziya said.

           “These travel grants have been temporary. The UPFR should only allow the amount of time they feel is needed to recover RDCs,” Khamari said.

           “How would this approval process work?” Jahzara asked.

“Well, this sounds like a giant network of investigative work. Nations would have to report what they know about RDCs. Based on what is reported, the UPFR will determine how long the mission should take,” Asha said.

           “The UPFR should also determine how many members will be needed permission,” Nyambura said.

           “I have two questions. Who will be able to work on these recovery teams? Having nations randomly select participants could be a way for more RDCs to slip through the cracks. Also, How would the UPFR know if the recovery teams have returned? There must be a sure way the UPFR can verify travel and check-in,” Massai said.

           “Each nation will send in a list of who they feel is fit to be an RTM. The council will go through those lists and select who will be approved. Send a good long list. We will be strict with our selections. Everyone in this room is ineligible for obvious reasons. As for the verification process, most of you won’t like this, but RDCs and RTs are an international concern. With that being said, UPFR representatives will run things, keep communication with the council, and make sure all travel deadlines are met,” Maaza said.

           “Femi, I promised to hold my tongue, but I won’t allow her spies in my Queendom. Say something now!!!” The Queen said.

“I understand the need to have trusted lines of communication to avoid corruption, but I highly doubt having foreigners lead these teams will be productive,” Femi said.

           “Yes, trust for the UPFR is rather low these days,” The Queen said under her breathe.

“The council will assign representatives to their home nation,” Maaza said while trying to read the Queen’s lips. What did she say to me?

“That won’t work. Everyone knows when you leave for the UPFR you give up on what you left behind. It won’t sit well with people,” Asha said.

Everyone has their two cents today. “Then what do you suggest, Lady Okiro?” Maaza said, rolling her eyes.

“They can keep communications and watch travel deadlines, but they will not run these recovery teams. They should be no more than liaisons. I get what you’re going for, but that’s micromanaging Chairwoman Nkosi,” The Queen said.

She’s sleep through every meeting this week, and the first thing she says is a cut at me? “Very well, nations will be able to pick and staff their teams with the approved people selected by the council. Nice of you to finally join us, your highness,” Maaza said.

“Looks like we will need Lord Shaka’s secure communication system sooner than we thought. Liege Akpabio, is there an estimated time it will be ready for us?” Khari asked.

Jabari had been lost in space for the entire meeting. They didn’t have the slightest clue of what was going on around them. They were analyzing the night before. How is my mother always able to connect to me? Why are my parents being persecuted? What is the duty we have to carry out? “My Liege?” Khari asked.

“Jabari? The timeline,” Jendayi said as she snapped them out of it.

“I’m sorry, Chairman Nwadike. What was it that you asked?” Jabari asked.

“When will the communication system be finished,” Khari said.

“Everything should be final no later than Owl’s Fall,” Jabari said.




BTC Chapter Ten

In this chapter, the overarching problem in the realm was addressed. The Realm officials have contrasting views on how they should proceed, but they all agree that something must be done quickly.

Questions I think you may have

What is the Communication system Shaka made?

           I didn’t go into extreme detail with it, but overall, it’s a highspeed real-time communication system that is exceptionally secure and hack-proof made solely for the international government that will not be released to the public.

What were the previous regulations for capturing RDCs?

           Nations had to first register their RDCs and only capture them inside their own borders. If the RDCs made it across borders, The UPFR and the nation they are in are to do notified. Then the UPFR will assist the other nation in helping capture the RDCs. They seem counterproductive, but these regulations were set when Intelligence agencies like the Mist and Ohunu were causing a ton of “Polticial Paranoid and Anxiety” 

What are the ROF’s travel and immigration policies?

The ROF’s policies are pretty open and less strict than other nations. But the amount of people who travel to and from the ROF is disproportionate. They have the lowest numbers than in the realm. 

These are the only questions of the top of my head, I think readers would ask. If there are any further questions you may have about this chapter, please interact in the comment section or Twitter. I’d like to answer at least five of them. If I answered all of your questions for this chapter, you’re welcomed to still interact on twitter or in the comments section. What did you like? What didn’t you like? So far who’s your favorite character? Who’s your least favorite? Ask me questions about the process of writing Zero Year or this chapter. Interact with another reader. Share so someone else could read Zero Year along with you. 

Disclaimer: I’ll try my hardest to answer questions without spoiling you guys. If it’s an excellent question with a spoiler answer, I’ll repost the question for other readers so they could also think about it. Constructive feedback is welcomed. I want to become a better writer and storyteller. I won’t answer or respond to anything that I feel is disrespectful. Also, I’m a full-time college student. Bear with me, please.

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Zero Year Chapter Nine

In the last chapter, Jabari had an awful run in with Black Cat and Wrath. Will they catch up and stop them?

BYR Chapter Nine

Key Information/Terms

  • Legalization of weed: Weed has always been legal in the realm, But you need a license to grow and a license to sell it. Licenses determine how many you’re allowed to grow and or sell. If you except those amounts, you can be fined and or have your product confiscated. Usually, people get fined for it. In some areas, it’s illegal to smoke in public.
  • Eagle Feathers: A popular majority CBD strain. It’s only sold pre-rolled in cartons.
  • There is some more new information and terms in this chapter. I feel that reading about them even out of context can potentially spoil the chapter. So, I’ll explain everything in “Behind Chapter Nine”.

Key Setting

  • Jahazara’s house
  • UPFR capital building

Key Characters

Picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/296093

  • Jahzara Gyasi
  • Maaza Nkosi
  • Jabari Akpabio
  • Amai Dlamini: Head of security at the UPFR capital building.
  • Spots: Jahzara’s cat. Ironically, he has no spots; he has stripes.



ZERO YEAR DISCLAIMER: Though many of the Zero Year’s elements are inspired by and based on existing African Cultures, Zero Year is not an accurate representation of African cultures. The purpose of ZY is to appreciate and pay homage to African Culture via a fictional story and world. Zero Year is not real and shouldn’t be treated as a canon of African Cultures, traditions, practices, and people.



Chapter Nine: Mother to the Motherless

Part One: Old Habits Die Hard

This chapter Contains themes of Domestic Violence, Which may be upsetting and or triggering for some readers. If you wish to avoid themes of Domestic Violence, Skip to Part Two. There will be a Domestic Violence Free Summary of part one.

           The same night, before Jabari’s run in with the Ohunu, Maaza was walking to Jahzara’s house. When she got to the door, she rustled through her purse. This is the most stressful UPFR yet. Where are my feathers? There they are. My lighter? “Shit, I left me lighter.”

           *Ashe spell: finger flame* Maaza performed a fire spell and lit her joint. She closed her eyes, took a hit, and rang the doorbell; Spirits walk with me.

           Jahzara was in her nightgown, lying on her couch, reading a book with a glass of wine. Late again. “You have a key.”

           Maaza dung in her purse again, looking for her keys. Her she go. She turned to lock and opened the door. She took off her shoes, put on house slippers then looked at Jahzara. “You couldn’t open the door because you’re drinking? At least your drinking out of a glass instead of the bottle.”

           “Open a window if you’re going to smoke in here,” she said, closing her book.

           “Where’s spots?”

           “I don’t know.”

           Maaza tried to kiss Jahzara, but she got up and walked away with her wine glass in hand. “Where are you going?”

           “Putting my wine away if that’s fine with you. I thought you were ashamed of your alcoholic girlfriend.”

           “Did you have a bad day or something?”

           “My day? My day? Maz don’t play stupid. I’ve had a bad week. First, you throw a tantrum over the Dakarai thing. Next, you stood me up on our day off. Today you sat next to me in a 6-hour meeting and don’t even as much look at me. And now here you are in my house criticizing me for having one glass of wine to unwind.”

           Jahzara had washed her glass and sat back down on the couch before Maaza tried to say something. She sat on the other edge of the sofa with her legs in between her and Maaza.


           “Speak up, Please!”

Maaza lead over, took off Jahzara’s house slippers, and started kissing her feet. “Jah, I know that I’ve been bad. You know that I…

Jahzara pushed Maaza back with her foot. “Try again, Maz.”

Maaza got up and looked at Jahzara. “What do you want from me?!?!”

“Where were you, Rashida?!?!” Jahzara said, standing with Maaza.

“Do you think I was with someone else? Is that what this is? I was alone!!!”

“Of course, you were alone!! News flash nobody else what’s to be with you!!! That’s your problem!! You rather everyone hate and fear you than them seeing you and me together!!!”

“You know that’s against the rules!!”

“The rules?!?! The fucking rules Maz?!?! We write the damn rules!! People might like you if you showed you were capable of love!!!”

“This is why I like to be alone!! Look at yourself!! A drunken mess!! No self-worth!! You make me sick!!”

“Oh, you like to be alone? What do you do that’s so damn important when you’re alone?”

“I work on myself, unlike you. I don’t want to be a mess for the rest of my life like you!!!”

“Ha, work on what? You’re finished product Maz!! This is it!! A mess forever!!”

Maaza began to shake with anger. Tears started to stream down her face. She rose her right hand and backhanded Jahzara across the face. Jahzara held her face and started to tear. When Maaza saw the look on her face, she instantly regretted it. Why do I keep hurting you?

“I guess old habits die hard.”

“Jah wait… I didn’t mean to… I-

“Leave your key and go,” Jahzara said as she ran up the stairs.

“Why are you pushing me away?” Maaza said as she followed her.

“I learned from the best.”

Jahzara had run to her room and sat on the edge of the bed to cry. Maaza leaned against the nightstand with her arms crossed, watching her cry. “I know I said I wouldn’t raise my hand at you again, but you make it hard.”

“Do you hear yourself? You’re not even sorry! I said go home Rashida.”

Maaza got on her knees and hugged Jahzara. “Jah, I need you. We’re a team. Without you, I… We won’t accomplish anything.”

Jahzara looked at Maaza. Her eyes were heavy, and her face looked sincere. “I know I just don’t like when we are like this. Love shouldn’t be this way.”

Part One Domestic Violence Free Summary

Prior to the events of chapter eight, Maaza visit Jahzara after ghosting her for almost two days since her spat with Dakarai. After an argument, they make up.

Part Two: Ancient Forbidden ?!?!?!

About an hour later, Jahzara laid with her head on Maaza’s lap playing with Spots. “Did you do it yet?” Jahzara asked.

“No, I wanted to do it with you.”

They both got up. Maaza held Jahzara’s hand, leading her out to the balcony. Jahzara grabbed her phone, and Maaza put on a hawk glove. They both walked to the edge of the balcony. Jahzara clung to Maaza’s right arm, and Maaza outstretched the other. *Spirit State: Ashe Awakened* Maaza’s eyes glowed gold. “Come to me.”

An eagle flew from its nest and flow toward Maaza. After a while, the eagle landed on Maaza’s arm. *Ancient Ashe Technique Stack: Link & Cast* Maaza and the eagle were locked in eye contact until the eagle’s eye started to glow the same gold Maaza’s did. “Make the call.”

Security Head Amai was doing her final round of the building before she locked up. She walked down the hall, turning off office lights and shutting doors, then her phone rang.

“Go,” Maaza said to the eagle as it flew away.

“Who could this be?” Amai said to herself.

“Hello Amai?” Jahzara said.

“Oh, hello, Lady Gyasi! To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Something silly. I just got a notification about a security breach on the 9th-floor balcony. I don’t know if it’s the new system or that bird again. Can you please check to see if everything’s okay?”

“It could be the system. I didn’t get anything, but I’m on the 9th floor I’ll go and check.”

“Oh, thank you so much. I owe you one!”

“No problem. Have a good night Lady Gyasi.”

Amai walked out to the 9th-floor balcony. First, she checked the doors and then the cameras. Nothing was out of order. She began to walk around the balcony to make sure nobody was out there. She did her round, and everything was fine. The Tree with the eagle’s nest was empty too. 

“Hm maybe it was the system,” she said, walking back.

Before she could open the door, the eagle came swooping down at her, causing her to fall. *Ashe Spell: Possession* The eagle hovered in front of her with an intense glare. When Amai looked it in the eyes, both of their eyes started to glow gold.

“My child.”

Part Three: The Orphan

*Continuing from the end of chapter eight*

“I’ll cut her tongue out!!!” Jabari said as they ran to the capitol building.

The building was in sight, and there were still people in the streets of the city. Jabari slowed down and exited their ashe rage. They went around the back of the building to avoid making a scene. “My child!” Amai called out.

*Ashe technique sensory location* Jabari was frozen in their tracks. Their ashe flared in a rage again. “Show yourself. I am not to be toyed with.”

Maaza and Jahzara were sitting on Jahzara’s balcony in the residential district smoking. “You wouldn’t strike your mother, would you?” Maaza and Amai said.

Jabari began to look around frantically. They couldn’t locate an ashe signature. Where is she? “I have no mother. I was orphaned as a child.”

“That was my greatest mistake. A mother should never abandon her child.”

Jabari didn’t know if they were being played with or not, but it felt real. They began to cry. “You are not my mother. Lord Shaka is my only parent.”

“A tree in the middle of an endless field. A man in black, your father. A woman in white, me, your mother. A child in gray taking their first steps, you, my child.”

How did she know about the vision I had just seen? Who is she? Why can’t I feel her ashe signature? Their tears were falling hard. Whether if they were being tricked or not, this woman knew them. “Are you the witch messing with my head??? I will cut you down if you don’t show yourself. Kill a witch, and her curses go with her.”

“So stubborn,” Maaza said, rolling her eyes.

“Just like their mother,” Jahzara laughed.

“How can I prove it to you,” Amai asked.

Jabari swallowed hard. They wanted to know who this woman was. How did she know them. Regardless if she was their mother, she knew more than most. There was one thing that would cement her claims as true.“What.. What is my… my name?” with a cracked and shaken voice.

“Mtoto. Your father and I never named you. We called you Mtoto for so long; it just stuck.”

Jabari exited the rage and fell to their knees. Only Shaka know’s I wasn’t given a name. Is this woman truly my mother? Amai caught Jabari and held them tight“W… Why did you leave me? I was alone for so long.”

“Your father and I were under persecution. I still am. I couldn’t risk your safety. But I have never truly left you. Every dream, every eagle that’s flown over you, is me. I’ve always watched over you. I lead you to Lord Shaka. I came to you through a messenger because this is the closest we’ve been physically.” Amai said as she held Jabari’s face and wiped their tears.

“What do you mean?”

“I am not the woman before you, but I felt someone should’ve been there to console you when I told you the truth.”

“Why not you?”

“You father was killed. My love, it is not safe for us to meet yet. We have to work toward that.”

“Who is after you?!?! I will cut them down.”

“We are dealing with forces we cannot yet face. Our family is special. We have a duty the world isn’t ready for us to carry out.”




BTC Chapter Nine

           A lot happened In this three-part chapter. Mazara was confirmed but very toxic. Maaza knows quite a few Ancient Ashe techniques & Spells for a non-combatant. She claims to be Jabari’s mother, and that their birth father was killed?!?!?!?!? That’s pretty intense!!!

Questions I think you may have

Does Maaza live with Jahzara?

           No, and there’s a few reasons why. The biggest reason is that Council Members aren’t allowed to have romantic relationships with each other. Although they have the power to possibly get that rule changed, Maaza isn’t comfortable with someone living in her space. Lastly, Jahzara is afraid that if they lived together, she wouldn’t have anywhere to go if Maaza hits her.

Why Domestic Violence?

           I’ve always wanted to keep Zero Year as real as possible, and sadly Domestic Violence is real and happens. Now it is not something I plan to sprinkle in like parsley every other chapter. I debated adding that part for a few weeks. It’s not something I added for shock value or emotional response, but it is the core to who Maaza is and her relationship with Jahzara. Domestic Violence will not be a constant theme in Zero Year, and it will not show up often. 

What are Ancient Ashe Techniques Link and Cast and Ashe Spell Possession?

           Link is when a User links their Ashe to an animal to communicate and work with each other. A User can only link with one type of animal. For example, Maaza can only link with Eagles. It doesn’t have to be the same eagle, but since she’s chosen the eagle, it can only be eagles.

           Cast is a transferring technique similar to seals. Casting is when a user sends or gives a technique to another being to execute on some else. For example, Maaza cast the possession spell to the eagle so that it could transfer Maaza’s possession to Amai.

           Possession is when a user uses their ashe to take control of other beings ashe so that they may control them. A user can only possess a being; they have more Ashe than. Possession can’t be broken by those being possessed. Possession is an ancient forbidden sorcery spell because it was largely forgotten and only written in the ancient tongue. It’s forbidden because it’s not right to take possession of someone’s being.


These are the only questions of the top of my head, I think readers would ask. If there are any further questions you may have about this chapter, please interact in the comment section or Twitter. I’d like to answer at least five of them. If I answered all of your questions for this chapter, you’re welcomed to still interact on twitter or in the comments section. What did you like? What didn’t you like? So far who’s your favorite character? Who’s your least favorite? Ask me questions about the process of writing Zero Year or this chapter. Interact with another reader. Share so someone else could read Zero Year along with you. 

Disclaimer: I’ll try my hardest to answer questions without spoiling you guys. If it’s a really good question with a spoiler answer, I’ll repost the question for other readers so they could also think about it. Constructive feedback is welcomed. I want to become a better writer and storyteller. I won’t answer or respond to anything that I feel is disrespectful. Also, I’m a full-time college student. Bear with me, please.

Chapter Ten Preview: The next chapter is titled “Checkmate”. This is the last chapter of the 20th UPFR Summit Story Arc. How do you think it will end? 

I’d like to thank you for taking out some time to read Zero Year. It really means a lot that you decided to read. I hope you continue to read. Please like the post, leave a comment and share, share, share!!!!

Zero Year Chapter Eight

In chapter six, Dakarai asked Azrael to steal a book from Maaza. In this chapter, Azrael and Nyarai do as they were told.

BYR Chapter Eight

Key Information/Terms

  • Spirit State Ashe Rage: Ashe rage is one of the two types of the second stage of the spirit state. Ashe rage is when an untamed Ashe aura forms around the user. 

Key Setting(s)

  • Outside of the residential district of the Capital.
  • Grand UPFR Library

Key Characters

Picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/296093

  • Black Cat (Nyarai Aku)
  • Wraith (Azrael Nwadike)
  • Serpent (Jabari Akapbio)



ZERO YEAR DISCLAIMER: Though many of the Zero Year’s elements are inspired by and based on existing African Cultures, Zero Year is not an accurate representation of African cultures. The purpose of ZY is to appreciate and pay homage to African Culture via a fictional story and world. Zero Year is not real and shouldn’t be treated as a canon of African Cultures, traditions, practices, and people.



Chapter Eight: The Senses Lie

Part One: Nightmare In The Field

The sky was clear, and the field lively like springtime. In the middle of the field was a tree. On the right branch, there is an owl, and on the left branch is an eagle. Under the tree was a toddler in grey stumbling over their first steps. In the distance, there was a woman in white and a man in black arguing with each other. The child tried to reach out to them, but lost their balance and fell. When the child looked up, the man and the woman were gone. The field was no longer fruitful. The grass was set ablaze. The wind blew with thick ash in the air. The sky was cloudless. In the east, there was a lunar eclipse. To the left, there was a solar eclipse. 

Jabari stood frozen in place with a straight face. Jendayi and Sokoro tried to snap them out of it. “Jay! Are you okay? Look at me. We’re here,” Jendayi said, wiping their tears.

Jabari fell down to their knees and went into a panic. What? Where am I? What happened to the field? Jendayi held Jabari’s face in her hands. “Jabari, look at me. It’s okay, I’m with you.”

“What happened to the field?”

“There’s no field baby. Take a breath and five, four, three, two, and one. We gotta get you back grounded.”

Jabari took a breath and looked in on five things they saw. They felt four things, focused on three noises, and smelled two more. “I need to taste. I can’t taste it.”

Sokoro handed Jabari a piece of his Koeksister. Jabari chewed and began to stand up. “Are you okay?” Sokoro asked.

“Yeah, I just went blank for a bit.”

“Maybe we should call it a night,” Sokoro said.

“No. I’m just tired from the presentation. I’ll get some rest. Don’t let me kill the fun.”

“You sure? We can go. It’s getting late anyway,” Jendayi said.

“No, it’s fine. Some rest is all I need,” Jabari said.

“Okay, be safe,” Jendayi said.

Part Two: The Cat and The Serpent

Black cat and Wraith were waiting for their target in a tree. “I don’t think. You should try something you’ve never done before on a mission,” Black cat said.

“It’ll be fine. Just don’t flare you’re Asha too much,” Wraith said.

“Alright. Let’s go.”

Jabari walked alone on a path heading back toward the Capital. Another one? I have to talk to Shaka. There’s something about that field. There’s a reason I keep getting taken back there. Jabari stopped walking and looked around. Something felt off. *Ashe technique Stack: Stealth & Sensory expansion* As Jabari hid their presence, they felt two strange ashe signatures approaching.

Who is that? These signatures… they feel fake!!! *Spirit State: Ashe Awakened* Jabari’s eyes glowed Cerulean.*Ice Production: Khopesh*. Jabari produced an Ice khopesh in each of their hands and prepared to fight. “Ohunu!!!”

Black cat came charging straight for Jabari unphased by their stealth. *Sensory location* “Stop wasting Asha on Stealth I don’t need sight to fight.”

Jabari swung both khopeshes at Black cat. She slid to the ground, barely dodging them. Jabari swung against aiming for her neck.*Light production: Screen Defense* Black cat blocked the strike with a light screen.

*Ice control: Spear* Jabari put both khopeshes together behind their head and turn them into one ice spear. Jabari thrust the spear through the light screen.

*Magnetic Repel Push* Just before the spear touched her mask, Black cat used magnetic repel threw Jabari back. They loss grip and the spear flew behind the Black cat.

Black cat charged toward them again and punched them in the face. Jabari tried to counter, but Black cat blocked it. 

Black cat went for a kick in the ribs, but Jabari countered and jabbed gave her a quick three-piece. Jabari tried to kick Black cat across the face, but she grabs their leg and pins them to the ground. 

Jabari motion their fingers toward them.*Ice control* The ice spear came flying in right behind Black cat’s head. *Lightning production: Palm Shock Wave* Black cat sensed the spear and destroyed it with a shock of Lightning, but Jabari broke free.

“Wrap it up, you’re flaring,” Wraith said with while centering.

“Argh, fine!” *Magnetic Vibration Hold* *Ashe Technique stack: Disruption & Lock hold* Black cat and Wraith performed a tag team holds on Jabari, breaking their stealth and spirit state. “How long have you been telekinetic? That not in your files,” Black Cat asked.

“Their fingers moved,” Wraith said.

Jabari recognized the markings on their Ohunu mask. What the fuck do they want? “The Master of Espionage and The Face of death. I’d like to add your mask to my collection.” 

“Is that an admission to murder Serpent?” Wraith asked.

“The Wraith opposed to murder? Quite ironic. Why did you ambush me?”

“We’ve been tracking and following us since the summit began. Why?” Black cat asked.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Jabari said.

“I don’t like liars.”

“I do my job. What exactly are you two doing?”

“How much longer?” Black cat asked.

“Play nice,” Wraith laughed.

I need to get out of this hold. Maybe if I push her buttons. “I can feel your evil glare behind the mask. Why is it that the black cat is more murderous than the Wraith?”

“Stop speaking.”

“Is this a weak attempt to gain intel? I thought the Ohunu operated better than this?”

“Says the captured Assassin. The Wave doesn’t have anything of use to the Lightning.”

“Come on, Come on. It has to be here somewhere,” Wraith said to himself.

Jabari tried to move their leg a bit. Black noticed and intensified her hold. “Sit down, you’re not holding.”

“If you release me now, I won’t harm you.”

“The Serpent is only a threat to unsuspecting politicians. How much time?” Black cat said.

“A little longer,” Wraith answered.

What is he going on about? Why does she keep asking about time? “Pressed for time? You’re stalling. Who are you trying to kidnap? Or is this an Assassination?”

“Relax Serpent, you’re projecting. The Ohunu is much more than kidnap and murder,” Black cat said.

“If my friends are in danger-

“Shut up already. Nobody in the Wave is worth it.”

“Then why am I here?!?!”

“You were in the way. So now you’re here out of the way.”

“Wait, don’t tell me it’s under here? Wow, it is,” Wraith said.

“You have it?” Black asked.


“Have what? He hasn’t moved a muscle?”

“It doesn’t concern you.”

What is going on? What are they doing? “Are you Mimicking my signature? If you intend to harm the Wave I-

“Again, with this? You truly think you’re some protector of the Wave. You’re nothing more than a danger to the people. A pawn doing the dirty work for corrupt leaders. You think you’re a one-person Ohunu, but you’re just a criminal. Kali’s toy. A shame your Father.”

“Enough. Let’s go,” Wraith said.

Wraith stood back up, and Black cat walked closer to Jabari. “Serpent answer me this, Do you believe everything you see?”

Jabari started trying to fight the hold, but they couldn’t get loose. “You tease and taunt like a schoolgirl. Release me and fight.” 

“Engage in combat with a civilian? I’d never,” Black cat mocked.

“Release me, coward!!!”

“It’s getting late. Maybe we can fight another time?”

“Your hold will break as soon as you run away. You might as well fight me.”

“What if I told you we are already gone?”

“Easterners really do speak in riddles!”

“Do we have enough distance?” Black cat asked.

“Yes,” Wraith answered.

“This book better be worth it.” Black cat bent down and got right in Jabari’s face. “I’m actually disappointed in you Serpent. Your Ohunu file literally says beware of supreme intelligence. It feels like your head is somewhere else,” Black cat said.

“Do not insult me!!”

“You want to be released, so I’ll help you.” Black cat let go of her hands, but Jabari was still unable to move. Why can’t I move? What is this hold? Black cat began to take off her mask. Jabari was petrified by the sight.

There was no face under the mask. Black cat tossed her head in Jabari’s lap. “The senses lie. You’re the only one here. 

*Ashe Technique stack: Illusion, Split, Masking, Sensory, Disruption & Lock* Wraith finally broke his stack. He and black cat faded from Jabari’s sight as if they were never there.

Jabari jumped up from the ground *Ashe Technique Sensory Location* Jabari tried to locate their signatures, but they were long gone.

“Senses lying? Book? What? Illusions!!!” *Spirit State: Ashe Rage* An aura of ashe raged around them along with Jabari’s emotions. “There are in the grand library. I’ll cut her down.”




Behind Chapter Eight

In this chapter, we learn that Jabari has a strange nightmare and may have ones similar to it before. Also, Black cat and Wraith successfully steal the book while making a fool of Jabari, thanks to Wraith’s elaborate technique stack.

Questions I think you may have

How did Azrael pull off that stack?

Azrael has a large ashe reserve and high ashe stamina. A six stack is hard for anyone to do, especially if there’s elaborate illusion involved. He could barely stand trying to hold it. 

Why did she go in like that?

           There are a couple reasons. Since Azrael was stacking, he couldn’t use his illusion to mess with Jabari’s mind only their senses, so she had to distract them before they noticed. Secondly, many people compare the Serpent to the Ohunu. Being the Co-head of branch and understand the structure of the Ohunu, that comparison is disrespectful. She feels that Jabari gives the Ohunu a bad look. 

“Easterners really do speak in riddles.”

           There are five major languages: 2nd tongue (central), Sinagasse (South), Kazwezian (North), Magharibi (West), and Shari Shari (east). 2nd tongue is the most common language spoken all over the realm. Over 56% of people in the realm are fluent in it. The other four languages have similarities with the 2nd tongue. Shari Shari is different, though. About half of the words, phrases, and grammatical sentence structure in Shari don’t exist in other languages. Because of this, when they speak another language, the translation is rough, and it can be hard to understand them. That’s why people say they speak in riddles. 

These are the only questions of the top of my head, I think readers would ask. If there are any further questions you may have about this chapter, please interact in the comment section or on twitter. I’d like to answer at least five of them. If I answered all of your questions for this chapter, you’re welcomed to still interact on twitter or in the comments section. What did you like? What didn’t you like? So far, who’s your favorite character? Who’s your least favorite? Will Jabari catch up to them? Will Maaza find out about the book? What’s so important about the book? Ask me questions about the process of writing Zero Year or this chapter. Interact with another reader. Share so someone else could read Zero Year along with you. 

Disclaimer: I’ll try my hardest to answer questions without spoiling you guys. If it’s a really good question with a spoiler answer, I’ll repost the question for other readers so they could also think about it. Constructive feedback is welcomed. I want to become a better writer and storyteller. I won’t answer or respond to anything that I feel is disrespectful. Also, I’m a full-time college student. Bear with me, please.

Chapter Nine Preview: The next chapter is titled “Mother to the Motherless.” This is the second to last chapter of the 20th UPFR Summit Story Arc. How do you think it will turn out? 

I’d like to thank you for taking out some time to read Zero Year. It really means a lot that you decided to read. I hope you continue to read. Please like the post, leave a comment and share, share, share!!!!