A Story on Blackness vs A Black Story

Yesterday on twitter I came across this tweet and article: https://themuse.jezebel.com/in-blackaf-kenya-barris-only-has-love-for-white-people-1843015698/amp?__twitter_impression=true (You should definitely read this article before you continue reading this post.) When I was watching #Blackaf I didn’t know how I felt about it. To me it felt like a PG-13 version of Black-ish. When I read the article it summed up howContinue reading “A Story on Blackness vs A Black Story”

Representation is Important

I wanted to make this post next week but with today being the last day of black history month it couldn’t wait. Representation is important in the black community. It’s important that we see ourselves in main stream media, art and Literature. In mainstream media, art and literature The black community is under represented andContinue reading “Representation is Important”

What is Ninth Hour Fiction?

Ninth Hour Fiction is an amateur fiction writing blog. The main purpose of 9thhr is to create and present original stories and characters that represent the black community accurately and realistically. 9thhr started in January of 2019. I started writing creatively as a new year resolution. Fast forward a year later, now I can’t goContinue reading “What is Ninth Hour Fiction?”