Zero Year Character Index

Characters are listed in order of appearance according to Saga, Story Arc and Chapter. Updated after each chapter Picrew: Character Designs by: Arkalagna . . . Nyarai Aku (Storm of the Spirit Lead Character) Alias: Black Cat / Kitten Age: 24 (17/04/1370) Home Nation: The Aku State, Umemardhi (Lightning nation) Occupation: Youth Combat InstructorContinue reading “Zero Year Character Index”

Zero Year Chapter Seven

Last week Raziya asked Dakarai to be on his best behavior during his questioning with Maaza. Will he pull through for her? BYR Chapter Seven Key information/terms The Economic Prosperity Initiative of 1354: This is the first official law made to protect Merchant nations. It made it legal for merchant lords to run nations. It madeContinue reading “Zero Year Chapter Seven”

Zero Year Chapter Six

Last week we watched Maaza and Gahiji got at it for a bit. This week, Nyarai decides to take Krü’s advice and asks Raziya for more responsibility!! BYR Chapter Six Key information/terms Levels of crime: There are five levels of crime 1 to 5 (five being the most serious).  Lightning Council classes of importance:  The lightningContinue reading “Zero Year Chapter Six”

Zero Year Chapter Five

On Tuesday we met the wave cast. In this chapter we dive into our first summit meeting!!! BYR Chapter Five There really isn’t anything new introduced in this chapter.  Key Information/terms RUEC(Realm Universal Electronic Currency) Key Setting Grand WAR room In the Capital city near a Tap house Key characters Lady Maaza Lord Gahiji . .Continue reading “Zero Year Chapter Five”

Zero Year Chapter Four

I was late on this post but Chapter five will be on time!! Last post we were with the Rock Royalty. This week we meet our friends in the North Democratic Government of the Wave. Before You Read Chapter Four Key information/terms Nsuohene: The leader of the Wave nation. They are elected officials in aContinue reading “Zero Year Chapter Four”


During this time as we fight to abolish racist institutions, end interpersonal racism and free the black community, there’s some confusion going on. People aren’t understanding who this fight is truly for. People aren’t seeing outside of themselves. Hopefully this post can help clear the fog. We are not only fighting for Black Cishet MenContinue reading “ACCOUNTABILITY IS NOT DIVISION”


Read it three times if you have to! Watching already marginalized people try to marginalize other people is tiring. 1. All three groups are marginalized. Some people belong in two or all three goups. They cannot “choose” to put women’s and or LGBT issues aside. They can’t compartmentalize their identities. They are Black Queer People,Continue reading “INTERSECTIONALITY”