Zero Year Chapter 10.2

Key Information / Terms Lord Shaka’s 50th birthday gift: For her best friends 50th the Queen sent him 50kg of Ashe reactive gemstones from the Caves of Jerissi with a hand written letter. Shaka’s response: Shaka responded a week after receiving the Queen’s letter. NDG (Northern Democratic Government): the modern name of the Wave Island and Mainland. The QueenContinue reading “Zero Year Chapter 10.2”

Zero Year Chapter 10.1

20th UPFR Summit Key Moments The key events are the top three, not the only three. Just because an event doesn’t make the key three doesn’t mean it wasn’t important. (not listed in order of importance) The formation of the International Criminal Retrieval Task Force Nyarai and Azrael stealing the book Maaza manipulating Jabari .Continue reading “Zero Year Chapter 10.1”

Do We Have To Be Black Royalty?

. This post is a critique on the Black is King discourse. I am a whole Stan. This critique doesn’t come from a place of hate or jealousy. Though this critique is centered around Black is King and Beyoncé, this critique can apply to anyone or any project that makes wealth and royalty synonymous withContinue reading “Do We Have To Be Black Royalty?”

Zero Year Chapter Ten

This is the Arc Finale lets get into it BYR Chapter Ten Key Information/Terms Troop Limitation of 1339: The 2nd Deadlock war was almost a decade long and close to one million people died. So, in 1339, All nations and the UPFR agreed that no nation was allowed to have more than 25,000 active troops. Continue reading “Zero Year Chapter Ten”

Zero Year Chapter Nine

In the last chapter, Jabari had an awful run in with Black Cat and Wrath. Will they catch up and stop them? BYR Chapter Nine Key Information/Terms Legalization of weed: Weed has always been legal in the realm, But you need a license to grow and a license to sell it. Licenses determine how many you’reContinue reading “Zero Year Chapter Nine”

Zero Year Chapter Eight

In chapter six, Dakarai asked Azrael to steal a book from Maaza. In this chapter, Azrael and Nyarai do as they were told. BYR Chapter Eight Key Information/Terms Spirit State Ashe Rage: Ashe rage is one of the two types of the second stage of the spirit state. Ashe rage is when an untamed AsheContinue reading “Zero Year Chapter Eight”