Student/ Writer

My 2019 New Years resolution was to write more so that writing papers would become easier. While doing that I found a new passion for writing.

Ninth Hour Fiction is an amateur fiction writing blog. The main purpose of 9thhr is to create and present original stories and characters that represent the black community accurately and realistically. 

The name Ninth Hour has some meaning to it. Often times I find myself writing in the middle in the night right after a dream trying to create a narrative out of it. It’s usually around 3am when I’m up writing. 3am is the Ninth Hour of the night and nine is my favorite number. 

If my schedule provides, I’d like to drop a post every week whether it be a series post or a random thought post.

My main goals are to represent the black community through fiction, grow as a writer and storyteller and share some of this creativity!!!!

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