Ninth Hour Expanded Universe

ZY arc one is complete!!!! A few more time skip shorts will be posted but there’s no timeline or schedule. So be on the look out but don’t hold your breath.

About a month ago, I announced that I’d be writing different titles during ZY’s hiatus. In this post I’d like to introduce you to some of the NHEU.


SARSKI is about Izara, a 17yo Trans girl, Her older triplet sister, Sarai, brother, Josiah, and their three best friends: Avery, Sadé and Kaori. We follow them and their journeys in friendship and love through their late teens.

Jo(s)iah, (A)very, Sa(R)ai, (S)adé, (K)aori & (I)zara.

SARSKI takes place in the real world-ish. Cities, brands and other things have fictional names. They were born between 2000 & 2002, but nothing is really time specific.



Real Ninja of the Leaf Village, is a Naruto fan fiction. I’ve never written one or even read one before, I just know I really wish we would’ve got a blank period Slice of Life series instead of Boruto.

RNOTLV is inspired by my own head canon and RDCword1 videos. I originally wrote it as a skit script. It’s supposed to be like a reality show following Konoha 11 post war. Boruto is not canon. the cast of Boruto are just actors. Konoha 11 is still 16 to 17 years old fresh off Naruto v Sasuke post war.

RNOTLV starts as angry fans and the OG Naruto cast storm the Naruto HQ and demand for the cancelling of a boruto and that a Blank Period show is made instead.

Three producers, A DBZ stan, A Naruto part one stan and an aspiring writer who hates shounen are tasked with producing the reality show. Though the producers are apart of the story, they mainly exist for shits and giggles.

I wanted to pin point a Lead characters in each of the for teams. Sakura for team 7, Shino for team 8, Neji (he’s not dead) for team 9, and Ino for team 10.

It should be fun.


Deities of the Gem Swords

DGS is my attempt at a Swordsmen series. There are six gemswords that have great power but each one carries a curse. The world is war torn. There is a story for each of the gem swords, when they were wielded and the dual to the death that followed.

I wanted to try my hand in drawing again with this series, so this could be the first NHEU series with visuals. I’m writing it in script format, but if the drawing thing doesn’t work out (Hopefully it does) no need to worry I’ll post the text version.


Ebo’s Council

Ebo’s council is a tale of a Sorceress Kabibe. Her people were forced to leave their sacred land in order to escape war. She plans to help a young chief, Ebo, defeat their common enemy so his people can have peace and her’s can return home.

Ebo’s council is a spin-off of sorts from ZY. Ebo’s council is actually two plays that are based on historical events of the 6th cycle. The plays were written in the late 7th cycle but didn’t become famous until 1328 8th cycle.

The second play is our 1st Saga Lead, Nyarai Aku’s favorite play ever. She’s watched the Grand Maharaj Sinaga Playhouse original recording over 300 times. She can recite the play by memory. She’s only seen it performed live twice.

The first part is a hero story and the second is a tragedy.



Friendly reminder, All of my post are draft work. Nothing is final per se. ZY is a bit rough around the edges, but these series can potentially be worse. I’m not as far ahead in any of them as I am with ZY. So these series will be written as I go. Bear with me and enjoy the ride.

Update, I was going to workshop SARSKI for my class but, it’s in the middle of some huge redrafting changes and it won’t be ready in time, so Zero Year will get workshopped instead. That means ZY’s Hiatus could be shorter than expected.


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