So What Are Our Options?

So what are our options? If that isn’t the answer, then what is? So you are voting for Kanye? So you are voting for Trump? Not voting is a vote for Trump. You aren’t providing any answers. You’re breaking the vote. You’re doing exactly what they want you to do. Voting is our greatest weapon.

No, voting is not our greatest weapon. These questions and phrases are usually a response to statements along the lines of “Voting for Biden won’t do anything.” These questions never come from people searching for genuine answers or responses. They’re played like the Ace of spades, the big joker, or the draw four color change. They’re saying, “Shut the fuck up!”

Before I get into it, I think I should mention that I’m not telling anyone to vote or not vote. That choice is for everyone to make for themselves. I’m saying that we shouldn’t be dismissive about what others choose to do and that we shouldn’t stop at the decision of voting or not.

In theory, voting is useful in a democratic government, but the US ain’t too democratic with the two-party system, winner takes all, electoral college, voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc. We don’t live in a democratic society. 

The people aren’t heard. We aren’t represented. We aren’t cared for or about. To our government, we don’t matter. We’re just labor, consumers, bodies to fight for imperialism, and every four years votes. They don’t care, and they never will.

Voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not bring about change. They will not save us. They will not abolish the industrial prison complex or the military-industrial complex. They won’t put an end to US imperialism. They won’t stop the drone strikes. They won’t cut the Military budget to increase spending on social programs. They won’t make healthcare and education free. They won’t take down structural and institutional racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, ableism, classism, etc. They won’t fight homelessness or hunger. They are not going to do anything for the betterment of the people.

We can’t pretend that they will. We can’t even hope, wish, or pray they will. It is not going to happen. 

Some people, mainly liberals, suggest that we let go of their past, elect them anyway, and just hold them accountable in office. This is the peak of wishful thinking. I honestly can’t envision this holding them accountable thing. Libs are selling dreams with that one. How can we the people hold them accountable while they are in office? Impeach them? No, that only works if they break the law, and there are soo many legal ways for politicians to fuck us over. Let’s say we do catch sleepy Joe and Kopmala breaking the law and impeach them, will it be enough for them to be removed from office?

Why would we give them the reward they don’t deserve and then expect them to act in a deserving way????? Let’s say your child stole your car, got tickets for speeding, reckless driving, and DUI. Do you think giving them their dream car and hoping they don’t speed is the best course of action? Because that’s what this accountability thing is.

There is no holding them accountable. That is a myth. I don’t know where that shit is coming from. IDK who popularized that idea. Honestly, it was probably a centralist like Biden that wholeheartedly agrees with his political platform, trying to shut up democrats who oppose Biden. 

The only real thing I can see Sleepy & Cop changing is that they might take COVID more seriously, but they won’t cancel rent. They won’t pay people monthly to keep us alive and home, because that’s a bit too commie for our blue capitalist.

“It doesn’t matter; we have to get trump out of office.” I think trump taking office has blinded us. Because he is so unfit and ill-equipped for office, we’ve come to believe that trump is the only problem in America. Trump is a symptom of all the evil in our society. He is a product, not the source nor producer. All of our problems will continue to exist under any President, Congress, and or Supreme Court. 

Our problems are structural and institutional. They are deeply embedded in our society. A vote for Sleepy & Cop won’t change that or even begin to change that. It’s not a step in the right direction. Trump is walking backward. Biden wants to stop walking, sit down and enjoy the oppression. Really let it open up the pores and get into the skin. 

We, as the black community, have to realize and understand that we have no allies. Just how the police and criminal justice system aren’t our friends, that the government ain’t our friend neither. We are all we have. Casting your vote for the lesser evil allows the evil to remain. Voting for Biden allows him and democrats like to continue to be mediocre. It doesn’t push them. It doesn’t encourage evolution and or revolution of the Democratic Party. 

One could argue that not voting helps Trump win. I get it, but how does voting for Biden help us? It’s a lose lose. Voting presents no attractive option for black people. We continue to lose and vote for the lesser evil every four years. 

If we vote Biden in, we’ll spend four years protesting his legislature. Then what? We’ll vote him in again because he’ll probably be a bit better than the GOP candidate. Then what? We hope after we allowed Joe to get away with everything for eight years that the Dems will nominate a candidate that will represent us? FUCK NO!!!!!!

Biden is on the ballot because we allowed Obama to do nothing because he was black. Joe’s whole campaign is I’m Obama’s friend, and black people always vote blue. They aren’t even trying to get our vote. And the Kopmala selection?????? They are fucking playing us. We have been protesting Police brutality since May 25th, and they give us the Black Cop as VP. They are playing identity politics with us. They knew Black people would be happy she’s black and that women will be happy she’s a woman.

WE ARE MISSING THE FUCKING POINT GUYS!!!! This is not a victory for black people; this is a slap in the face. Kopmala’s politics are trash. She believes in everything we’ve been protesting against. Kopmala is our enemy, not our moment in history. All Skinfolk ain’t Kinfolk. Kopmala is not Kinfolk, and if you think she is, you damn sho ain’t no kin of mine. 

Between the Stupid Rac/pist & the man who doesn’t believe in science, The Old Rac/pist & The Cop and Coonye & the man who wants to colonize space, there are no attractive options. As a black queer socialist against all forms of Structural, Institutional and Interpersonal hate, I am not represented by any of them nor do our politics match in the slightest. I will not be casting a vote on November 3rd.

So what should we do if voting won’t help?

The system is against us. It was made on our ancestors’ backs to keep them and now us out. We have to be our change. We have to fight for ourselves. We have to be informed on our society and how it has conditioned and socialized us to hate ourselves and other oppressed groups so that we can never band together. 

Literally, anything that you can do that uplifts and betters the whole of the black community (including all intersecting groups: Women, LGBT, Disabled, Poor, etc.) will do more for us than voting. Reading about black liberation. Protecting, Supporting, and Listening to women and or queer people. Volunteering, Organizing, Informing, Donating, etc.

It’s not a quick fix, but we have to get informed, unlearn the hate taught to us and unify as a community. We can’t destroy the system while being Misogynistic, Homophobic, Transphobic, Capitalist, Ableist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc. The only hate we can hold is the hate for the system.

Love, Unity & Revolution


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