Zero Year Chapter 10.1

20th UPFR Summit Key Moments

The key events are the top three, not the only three. Just because an event doesn’t make the key three doesn’t mean it wasn’t important. (not listed in order of importance)

  1. The formation of the International Criminal Retrieval Task Force
  2. Nyarai and Azrael stealing the book
  3. Maaza manipulating Jabari




Writing Arc One

This arc is a told of 10 chapters and just under 20k words. It’s pretty lengthy. Although this is the Storm of the Spirit Saga a Lightning lead Story, This is opening arc of the entire series of Zero Year. I felt I needed an event that brings all of the main characters together while kick starting Nyarai’s story at the same time. The UPFR was perfect. It will be a long time until they’ll be an arc with this many characters in it.

There are several ZY drafts but I’d like to talk about the difference from the previous draft and this one and other facts.

  1. The Prologue wasn’t it’s own chapter. It was piece up in flashbacks form Nyarai, Raziya, Dakarai and Khari. I changed it because some of those flash back moment’s didn’t fit and I wanted to start the series with a bang so I made it one chapter.
  2. The Summit wasn’t the starting point of the present time. I started before the summit with Nyarai seeing Azrael for the first time. Zula & Zaire Sparring in the Castle courtyard. and Jabari being given the order to tail the Ohunu. I felt like I could compress that info and put into the UPFR.
  3. Chapter Nine “Mother to the Motherless” didn’t exist. In the Last draft I wanted to keep Maaza’s motives as secret as possible. It wasn’t until I wrote the second arc and decided to change it.
  4. Massai was to never speak at all, but I felt like he deserved a line or two after Raziya’s claims about the ROF.
  5. Chapter Eight “The Senses Lie” is my favorite chapter this arc. I love Jabari and Nyarai’s fight. Jabari’s dream is drowned in foreshadowing and symbolism. Azrael had another impressive stack but it was in a spar against Dakarai.



Time Skip Highlights

Most of the Arcs are months apart and or only focus on one set of characters. In the time skip shorts, I’ll be summarizing what characters that weren’t the focus of the arc were doing during the arc and what happened after the arc leading into the next one. These events are CANON and have plot relevance. This arc has four and they’ll be posted starting next week.



Next Arc Preview

The following story arc is titled “Heretic of Hiraa.” HoH takes place five months after the Summit. Nyarai and Azrael have been training to hopefully reclassify, but they’ve both hit a wall. Dakarai has his hands full with Neela since he was unable to teach her before the RYFT. To keep his promise to his granddaughter, he sends Nyarai and Azrael to an old friend in Hiraa for guidance. Meanwhile, Maaza has noticed somethings been misplaced.  


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