Zero Year Chapter Ten

This is the Arc Finale lets get into it

BYR Chapter Ten

Key Information/Terms

  • Troop Limitation of 1339: The 2nd Deadlock war was almost a decade long and close to one million people died. So, in 1339, All nations and the UPFR agreed that no nation was allowed to have more than 25,000 active troops. 
  • RDC: Rogue, deserter, and criminals
  • RTM: Recovery team member
  • Combatant Classes: There are six classes of Combatants, six being the highest skilled. 
    • Level 1: Anybody that has passed their Ashe competency course. 
    • Level 2: Anybody that has taken any form of combat training.
    • Level 3 (Lower and Upper): People who have received advanced training in combat usually for their profession. Level threes and higher have to make that known on any form of legal identification. 
    • Level 4 (Lower and Upper): have an Expert level of combative ability. These people can’t travel internationally freely. The nation they visited has to be notified. 
    • Level 5 (Lower and Upper): have a Master level of combative ability. Similar to level fours, they can’t travel freely neither. Nations can block their travel solely based on the combative rank because they are capable of being a threat to society.
    • Level 6: They have a Supreme Level of combative ability. All rules of the lower classes apply to them. The UPFR also has to be notified and approve of them. The UPFR can also decide to place them under constant surveillance while they travel. This is the smallest combatant population. 

Key Setting

  • Grand War room

Key Characters


  • Maaza
  • Jahzara
  • Khari
  • Gahiji
  • Queen Zula
  • Raziya

Massai Gila

Alias: N/A

Age: 58 (09/27/1335)

Home Nation: Olomader, ROF (Western ROF)

Occupation: ROF Prime Minister

Ashe E/I/A: Pure/none/Ashe Eye

In story fact: He has a “Pure” Accent, meaning his second tongue is not burden by an other native accent since 2nd is his native language. His voice and speech pattern is very profound and elegant.



ZERO YEAR DISCLAIMER: Though many of the Zero Year’s elements are inspired by and based on existing African Cultures, Zero Year is not an accurate representation of African cultures. The purpose of ZY is to appreciate and pay homage to African Culture via a fictional story and world. Zero Year is not real and shouldn’t be treated as a canon of African Cultures, traditions, practices, and people.



Chapter Ten: Checkmate

It was Day of Lightning (11th) the most important day of the Summit. Intercontinental crime and crime prevention were to be discussed. “As you all know, A rising problem in the realm since the ’60s has been Rogues and deserters. Our current system has proved flawed and ineffective. Today we wish to fix that,” Maaza announced to the room.

“The UPFR should handle this themselves. You created the awful system,” Lady Elhassan (the lady of Rauwia) said.

“Lady Elhassan, You may not have been here in ’86, but the current system was a collective effort,” Jahzara said.

“Besides, the UPFR doesn’t have the manpower to handle such a feat. There is a better solution out there,” Khari said.

“Maybe we should adopt the ROF’s system. No one in. No one out. If you ask me, everyone should handle their own nations,” the Lord of Haigoric laughed.

“You shouldn’t let such divisive ideas like that spew out of your face at a United Peace Front of the Realm Summit,” Massai said.

“International travel and immigration regulations could be revamped,” Wahjori said.

“I don’t think a new law is going to stop rogues and deserters. They seem comfortable with breaking them already,” Asha said.

“Excuse me, Head Chair, but it feels like we’re all aiming in the dark. How many are there?” Femi asked.

“Well, it’s hard to say an exact amount, but more than 7,000 RDCs have been registered, but less than 40% of RDCs are registered. We estimate a range of 20 to 25,” Khari said.

“Less than 40%!!!”



           “That’s impossible!!!”

“So, there are 25,000 class 3 or higher criminals lingering in the shadows? Do you have an idea of where they are?” Xolani asked.

           “Unfortunately, the council has yet to find out,” Jahzara said.

           Maaza looked over to Dakarai. Not a word from the old fool. I can feel his guilt. “I wonder what the Lightning think about all of this,” Maaza said.

           “Yes, the rest of the realm is curious,” Khari said.

           “Well, the council’s estimation is wrong. There are upward of 30,000 RDCs and counting out there. I can tell you where they are, but I can’t answer on the record,” Raziya said.

           The room filled with chatter. How did things go from maybe 25 to definitely more than 30? How did the Lightning know this? The head chairs spoke amongst themselves, deciding if they’d let Raz talk off the record. “The council will permit Coordinator Aku to answer off the record,” Khari said.

           “Thank you, Head Chair Nwadike. Many of them are hiding in Merchant nations, UPFR protected nations, and lastly, the ROF.”

           “The ROF?!?! That’s the holiest place in the realm!!”

           “Merchant nations ?!?!?”

           “They are everywhere!!”

           “Are you suggesting that I am harboring tens of thousands of criminals?” Massai asked in a calm tone.

           “No. I’m telling you that RDCs tend to travel to the ROF. Whether you have knowledge of it or not has yet to be determined,” Raziya said.

           “I know for a fact that they haven’t obtained this information through legal means!!!! The Ohunu is a corrupt intelligence agency that should be shut down!!” Gahiji yelled as he slammed his fist on the desk.

           “Interesting. Raziya, I would like to let you know anything else you say will have to be on the record,” Maaza said.

           “Has the Lightning thought of any possible solution?” Femi asked.

           “Our best possible solution is not legal yet,” Raziya said.

           “What in the Lightning is?” Gahiji said as he threw himself back in his seat.

           “Lord Gahiji, please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the two biggest political criminals in recent years both from the Wave? One is presumed dead, and the other remains at large,” Raziya said.

           “Why does he keep doing this to himself,” Nyambura whispered to Asha.

           “He likes the sound of his voice regardless of what he says,” Asha laughed.

           “I hope the Lightning council chooses Raziya to succeed Dakarai when the time comes,” the Queen said.

           “She is amazing,” Xolani said.

           “Our current system has two considerable flaws. The first is we’ve employed people who are incapable of the job of capturing RDCs. How can a class 2 combatant capture classes 4 through 6? The second, Hypothetically, if Wave or Eartherian RDCs class 4 and 5s hid in a nation like Prith where the percentage of class 3 combatant or higher per capita is among the lowest in the realm. Prith’s forces won’t be equipped to capture them.” Raziya said.

           “And what do you suggest?” Khari said.

           “Classes upper 3 through 5 should be permitted to recover and detain RDCs across borders,” Raziya said.

           The room was quiet. They all sat and tried to process what Raziya had suggested. Wahjori and Gahiji were not pleased. The rock’s reaction was less intense. Massai seemed unphased like always. The Council members spoke among themselves.

           Gahiji was about to start yelling again until Asha grabbed his arm. “Please sit down,” Asha said through her teeth.

           “The Gall!!! This has to be a joke!!!!” Wahjori said.

           “She is literally proposing that we agree to legalize the Ohunu’s already illegal activities!!!”

           “And I thought Dakarai was crafty,” Ojwang laughed. 

           “I don’t see a better way to fight this either. This is Checkmate,” Femi laughed.

“I’m afraid I’d have to agree with Lord Gahiji a bit. This feels a bit nostalgic. Very similar to Lord Dakarai’s western reach. There have to be some rules in place to prevent such a thing,” Massai said.

           “This proposal would be breaking several laws,” Jahzara said.

           “We can’t allow classes 3 and above to freely roam across borders. Isn’t that the problem we’re already facing?” Khari said.

           “Chairman Nwadike, You and your colleagues can set the regulations and limitations. Whether if you like it or not, this is the only solution,” Raziya said as she leaned back in her chair.

           “How about the UPFR creates some type of approval process to grant travel of recovery teams. That way, we know who is traveling,” Xolani said.

           “Granting travel doesn’t sound like a solution. Is nobody seeing what the Lightning is trying to do?” Gahiji said.

           “And what do you know about solutions Lord Gahiji? You have shot down every idea brought to the room. If you have no intention of being productive, you should also have no intention of speaking,” Raziya said.

           “These travel grants have been temporary. The UPFR should only allow the amount of time they feel is needed to recover RDCs,” Khamari said.

           “How would this approval process work?” Jahzara asked.

“Well, this sounds like a giant network of investigative work. Nations would have to report what they know about RDCs. Based on what is reported, the UPFR will determine how long the mission should take,” Asha said.

           “The UPFR should also determine how many members will be needed permission,” Nyambura said.

           “I have two questions. Who will be able to work on these recovery teams? Having nations randomly select participants could be a way for more RDCs to slip through the cracks. Also, How would the UPFR know if the recovery teams have returned? There must be a sure way the UPFR can verify travel and check-in,” Massai said.

           “Each nation will send in a list of who they feel is fit to be an RTM. The council will go through those lists and select who will be approved. Send a good long list. We will be strict with our selections. Everyone in this room is ineligible for obvious reasons. As for the verification process, most of you won’t like this, but RDCs and RTs are an international concern. With that being said, UPFR representatives will run things, keep communication with the council, and make sure all travel deadlines are met,” Maaza said.

           “Femi, I promised to hold my tongue, but I won’t allow her spies in my Queendom. Say something now!!!” The Queen said.

“I understand the need to have trusted lines of communication to avoid corruption, but I highly doubt having foreigners lead these teams will be productive,” Femi said.

           “Yes, trust for the UPFR is rather low these days,” The Queen said under her breathe.

“The council will assign representatives to their home nation,” Maaza said while trying to read the Queen’s lips. What did she say to me?

“That won’t work. Everyone knows when you leave for the UPFR you give up on what you left behind. It won’t sit well with people,” Asha said.

Everyone has their two cents today. “Then what do you suggest, Lady Okiro?” Maaza said, rolling her eyes.

“They can keep communications and watch travel deadlines, but they will not run these recovery teams. They should be no more than liaisons. I get what you’re going for, but that’s micromanaging Chairwoman Nkosi,” The Queen said.

She’s sleep through every meeting this week, and the first thing she says is a cut at me? “Very well, nations will be able to pick and staff their teams with the approved people selected by the council. Nice of you to finally join us, your highness,” Maaza said.

“Looks like we will need Lord Shaka’s secure communication system sooner than we thought. Liege Akpabio, is there an estimated time it will be ready for us?” Khari asked.

Jabari had been lost in space for the entire meeting. They didn’t have the slightest clue of what was going on around them. They were analyzing the night before. How is my mother always able to connect to me? Why are my parents being persecuted? What is the duty we have to carry out? “My Liege?” Khari asked.

“Jabari? The timeline,” Jendayi said as she snapped them out of it.

“I’m sorry, Chairman Nwadike. What was it that you asked?” Jabari asked.

“When will the communication system be finished,” Khari said.

“Everything should be final no later than Owl’s Fall,” Jabari said.




BTC Chapter Ten

In this chapter, the overarching problem in the realm was addressed. The Realm officials have contrasting views on how they should proceed, but they all agree that something must be done quickly.

Questions I think you may have

What is the Communication system Shaka made?

           I didn’t go into extreme detail with it, but overall, it’s a highspeed real-time communication system that is exceptionally secure and hack-proof made solely for the international government that will not be released to the public.

What were the previous regulations for capturing RDCs?

           Nations had to first register their RDCs and only capture them inside their own borders. If the RDCs made it across borders, The UPFR and the nation they are in are to do notified. Then the UPFR will assist the other nation in helping capture the RDCs. They seem counterproductive, but these regulations were set when Intelligence agencies like the Mist and Ohunu were causing a ton of “Polticial Paranoid and Anxiety” 

What are the ROF’s travel and immigration policies?

The ROF’s policies are pretty open and less strict than other nations. But the amount of people who travel to and from the ROF is disproportionate. They have the lowest numbers than in the realm. 

These are the only questions of the top of my head, I think readers would ask. If there are any further questions you may have about this chapter, please interact in the comment section or Twitter. I’d like to answer at least five of them. If I answered all of your questions for this chapter, you’re welcomed to still interact on twitter or in the comments section. What did you like? What didn’t you like? So far who’s your favorite character? Who’s your least favorite? Ask me questions about the process of writing Zero Year or this chapter. Interact with another reader. Share so someone else could read Zero Year along with you. 

Disclaimer: I’ll try my hardest to answer questions without spoiling you guys. If it’s an excellent question with a spoiler answer, I’ll repost the question for other readers so they could also think about it. Constructive feedback is welcomed. I want to become a better writer and storyteller. I won’t answer or respond to anything that I feel is disrespectful. Also, I’m a full-time college student. Bear with me, please.

I’d like to thank you for taking out some time to read Zero Year. It really means a lot that you decided to read. I hope you continue to read. Please like the post, leave a comment and share, share, share!!!!


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