Zero Year Character Index

Characters are listed in order of appearance according to Saga, Story Arc and Chapter.

Updated after each chapter


Character Designs by: Arkalagna




Nyarai Aku (Storm of the Spirit Lead Character)

Alias: Black Cat / Kitten

Age: 24 (17/04/1370)

Home Nation: The Aku State, Umemardhi (Lightning nation)

Occupation: Youth Combat Instructor (Ohunu Head of Financial Crime Regulation)

Ashe Element/Influence/Ability: Lightning/ Eclipse/ Shaker

In story fact: Nyarai is directional dyslexic and has no sense of direction (left, right, N,S,W,E). She tells left & right by bracelet & bolt. She wears a bracelet on her left wrist and she has a lightning bolt tattoo on the right side of her head. She’s an ambidextrous so remembering by handiness wouldn’t help.


Raziya Aku

Alias: Leopard/ Raz

Age: 47 (22/08/1347)

Home Nation: The Aku State, Umemardhi

Occupation: Chief Ohunu Intelligence Coordinator

Ashe E/I/A: Lighting/Base/Flash

In story fact: Raz is primarily an Academic. She isn’t an Ohunu field agent although she is well qualified for field work.


Dakarai Nwadike

Alias: The Ashe Trembler / Eastern King / Gift from Umechui / Old man

Age: 91 (11/11/1303)

Home Nation: The Nwadike State, Umemardhi

Occupation: Agradahene and Head of Nwadike tribe

Ashe E/A/I: Lightning/Magnet (Solar)/ Shaker

In story fact: He is incorrectly considered a meditation guru, based on how much time he spends meditating. Despite his great strength he didn’t awaken the spirit state until he was 30, while most people of his caliber awaken it in their teens or early twenties. He was never good at meditation and was never pressed to rage. He wasn’t good at meditation until his 40s.


Kwame D. Nwadike

Alias: Pure Gold / Eastern Prince

Age: 45 (05/01/1328) died in 1378

Home Nation: The Nwadike State, Umemardhi

Occupation: Chief Ohunu Intelligence Coordinator

Ashe E/I/A: Earth/Base/ Metal production | Lightning/Magnetic/ Metal Magnet

In story Fact: It’s said that he has two ashe elements, because Umechui and Jiwetembo both wanted him to represent them with his power. Kwame’s untimely and strange death really altered the Realm. If he were alive, a number of things would be different.


Khari Y. Nwadike

Alias: Silent Storm / The Runaway

Age: 53 (30/04/1340)

Home Nation: The Nwadike State, Umemardhi

Occupation: Head Chair of UPFR council (1 of 3)

Ashe E/I/A: Lighting/Storm/Cloud Rider

In story fact: After his Brother’s death, he moved his family to the UPFR and took a job on the council. To people who don’t know him personally, he is known as a coward and the runaway.


Azrael Nwadike (Storm of the Spirit Support Character)

Alias: Wraith/ Jungle boy/ Krü

Age: 24 (09/06/1370)

Home Nation: The Capital State, Umemardhi

Occupation: Lightning ambassador in Canna (Ohunu Head of Political Crime Regulation)

Ashe E/I/A: Ancient/None/Technician

In story fact: Many believe when his grandfather steps down as Agradahene, he will become the head of his tribe. He thinks anybody even his teenage sister would be a better choice.


Maaza R. Nkosi 

Alias: The UPFR Queen / Maz

Age: 51 (27/03/1343)

Home Nation: Framasia, Sinaga (southern realm)

Occupation: Head Chair of UPFR council (1 of 3)

Ashe E/I/A: Ancient/ Base (non-expressive)/ None

In story fact: Unlike most characters in the series Maaza is non-expressive. Other than the mandatory combat level one class every child takes, she has no formal training or experience in combat. Despite that, she is well verse in meditation and studies sorcery.


Princess Zula Abimbola fourth of her name

Alias: Princess/ Four/ Bug

Age: 16 (26/01/1378)

Home Nation: Central Udongardhi, Haribitem (Earth Queendom, Western Realm)

Occupation: Secondary student

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/ Not expressed yet

In story fact: She’s probably been outside of the castle no more than 90 days total her whole life. The only other places she’s been to are Dod and Jerissi (Abimbola loyal nations). Zaire is the only person she really knows her age. Her limited social circle doesn’t help with her Autism. 


Zaire Anansi Abimbola-Akinjide

Alias: Greenie / Nansi

Age: 17 (01/02/1377)

Home Nation: Central Udongardhi, Haribitem 

Occupation: First year University student studying Theoretical Ashe Science

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/Not expressed yet

In story fact: Zaire thinks sarcasm is a personality trait. He purposely sticks out his tongue when being sarcastic so Zula can pick up on it. Though he pushes her buttons at times, Zaire is very protective of Zula. He decided to attend Uni virtually so that he can still go to school in the castle with Zula.


Queen Zula Abimbola third of her name

Alias: Queen of Eruption/ The Dormant Volcano / Gasira

Age: 48 (13/05/1346)

Home Nation: Royal islas of Dod, Haribitem

Occupation: Queen

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/Lava (Solar)

In story fact: Gasira is known as the greatest Queen of the 8th cycle. despite her greatness, she has been suffering from an unknown ashe related illness for an unknown amount of time. It was first detected 21 years ago.


Ojwang Akinjide

Alias: Ojwang of Power Ashe / Rhino / Crumbler of Mountains

Age: 48 (25/09/1346)

Home Nation: Royal islas of Dod, Haribitem

Occupation: Earth Kingdom/ Castle Stone Guard Commander 

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/Base

In story fact: If Gasira is the greatest Queen, he is definitely the greatest CSG Commander. All of his merits are tied to Gasira’s. He is considered the physically strongest person in the realm and he likes to remind people about it. He is an actually mountain 209cm (6’10 ¼) and 195kg (430lb).


Olufemi Abimbola

Alias: Femi / Mchanga (A slur for sand wielding Abimbola)

Age: 53 (01/01/1341)

Home Nation: Jerissi, Haribitem

Occupation: Hand to the Queen and head advisor of Abimbola royal council

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/Sand (lunar)

In story fact: Femi was not Zula’s first choice as her hand. But she felt his talents were better fit be side her because southern Abimbola would not follow an “Mchanga”. 


Deka Cocoa

Alias: Big sis

Age: 30 (08/11/1364)

Home Nation: Dod, Haribitem

Occupation: Zula’s Main caregiver

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/Lava

In story fact: Because of the Queen’s health, Deka has done just about everything but breast feed Zula. They have a very close relationship and they can be codependent at times. She also has guardianship of Zula.


Kaikara Abimbola

Alias: Flame

Age: 27 (23/12/1367)

Home Nation: Jerissi, Haribitem

Occupation: General of Abimbola army

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/Lava (Solar)

In story fact: She has three older and three younger brothers, but is her mother’s only child. She is actually named after the Evil Queen Kaikaras (Seven Generations) of the 3rd cycle. 


Princess Imani Adeleke first of her name

Alias: The Eclipse Princess

Age: 21 (07/04/1372)

Home Nation: Galorewin, Haribitem

Occupation: Princess 

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/ Lava & Sand (Eclipse)

In story fact: She’s actually very confident in most aspects of her life, but when it comes to the possibility of her being the Queen after Zula 3rd makes her question herself. She is very ashe sensitive. Meaning she can sense the emotions of others through ashe. Its constant emotional stimuli overload and the source of her anxiety. 


Xolani Adeleke

Alias:  Copper Sand / Xo

Age: 33 (24/08/1360)

Home Nation: Galorewin, Haribitem

Occupation: First advisor of the Adeleke Royal Council

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/Sand (Lunar)

In story fact: Xolani is actually a princess and only Zula and Imani have a stronger claim than her. During Secondary school, Xolani turned down her claim to the throne (Technically she’ll always have claim) making a two year old Imani the only Adeleke princess. When her older sisters died, she took in Imani and Kato. 


Kato Adeleke 

Alias: Sandstorm / Golden Sand

Age: 27 (06/10/1366)

Home Nation: Galorewin, Haribitem

Occupation: General of Adeleke armies

Ashe Element/Influence: Earth/Sand (lunar)

In story fact: Kato thinks very highly of himself. Probably the most self-confident person in the series but he doesn’t think he’s better than anybody. He feels everyone should love their selves as much as he does.


Jabari Akpabio

Alias: The Serpent / JB / Jay

Age: 22 (19/06/1372)

Home Nation: Manta island, Majinardhi (Wave, Northern realm)

Occupation: Assistant to Nsuohene / SETRP Researcher

Ashe E/I/A: Water/ Eclipse/ Night Moon

In story fact: Jabari actually named their self when they were seven after Jabari Zemmamouche (A philosopher from the 5th cycle). Jabari is known for their Intelligence and extreme aptitude. 


Jendayi Apara

Alias: The Stream Striker

Age: 25 (12/10/1368)

Home Nation: Pomboo Island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Assistant to the Advisory Council

Ashe E/I/A: Water/ Scald/Evaporation & Steaming

In story fact: Jendayi and Jabari have been best friends since they were in secondary school. She’s very protective. Jendayi is a master in the Silashe Art of Swords (Ashe Nature Manipulative Sword fighting).


Sokoro Ladipo

Alias: KT’s Claw

Age: 27 (10/06/1366)

Home Nation: KT island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Assistant to the Advisory Council

Ashe E/I/A: Water/Ice/Cooler

In story fact: Like all introverts, his two closest friends Jabari and Jendayi are extroverts. He and Kato are rivals. In the ’80 RYFT Kato beat him while he won the rematch in 82 via submission. In 84 both of them chose not to compete.


Shaka Akpabio

Alias: Majipweza’s Mind / Father of modern Science

Age: 49 (08/02/1344)

Occupation: Head of SETRP (Former Nsuohene of 1370s)

Ashe Element/Influence/Ability: Water/Base/Night moon

In story fact: Shaka has been the greatest scientist and engineer in the realm since he was 14. He has influenced scientist and engineers all over the realm. He specializes in communication, transportation technology, Theory of space, time, gravity, and physics. His greatest interest is in Ashe and Spiritual sciences, but he isn’t regarded as a top A&S scientist.


Gahiji Falada

Alias: Career Politician

Age: 64 (27/01/1330)

Home Nation: KT island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Ashe E/I/A: Water/ Base (Non-expressive)

In story fact: Gahiji ran against Shaka for Nsuohene. He based his campaign on the fact that Shaka was only 30 and uncapable, but Shaka was the Realm’s greatest mind, he won by a landslide. He didn’t run in the 80s because Kali was an over whelming favorite. 


Asha Okiro

Alias: N/A

Age: 48 (19/12/1345)

Home Nation Papa island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Third Advisor of Wave council

Ashe Element/Influence/Ability: Water/Scald/Circulation

In story fact: Asha lost to Gahiji in the election by less than 10 votes. It came down to the Wave tribal board (heads of all 12 wave tribes) Making the decision. Her and Lord Shaka are close friends and she thinks very highly of Jabari.


Wahjori Gowon

Alias: N/A

Age: 58 (03/03/1335)

Home Nation: KT island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: First advisor of Wave council 

Ashe E/I/A: Non-expressive

In story fact: He is Gahiji’s most trusted friend. 


Khamari Omenma

Alias: Eyes in the Mist

Age: 42 (12/09/1351)

Home Nation: Pomboo island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Second Advisor of Wave council / Mist Intelligence Coordinator

Ashe E/I/A: Water/Ice/Frost

In Story Fact: He is the only Wave advisor that has never run for office. Kali hand picked him when Shaka retired from the council in 1386. Khamari does not trust anyone. He is called the Eyes in the mist, because of his secretive nature and ability to read people without their knowing.


Nyambura Oladele

Alias: N/A

Age: 55 (23/06/1338)

Home Nation: Pomboo island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Fourth advisor of wave council

Ashe: Ancient/Pure/Ashe eye

In story fact: She was Lord Shaka’s 1st advisor during his term. While Kali was the Nsuohene, She requested she be demoted to 4th advisor instead of leaving office. She didn’t trust Kali and wanted to lessen her responsibility if things went south, but also wanted to keep an eye on her. 


Asante Chidozie

Alias: Peace Keeper

Age: 45 (27/09/1348)

Home Nation: The Chidozie State, Sharichui

Occupation: Lightning First Advisor

Ashe E/I/A: Lightning/Base/Flash

In story fact: Asante was originally a storm gate being groomed to one day be the Commander. But because of Kwame’s death, Khari’s departure and Olajuwon being more qualified, Dakarai groomed him to be first Advisor instead.


Olajuwon Sarpong

Alias: Protector of the people

Age: 51 (06/06/1342)

Home Nation: The Sarpong State, Umemardhi

Occupation: Storm Gate Guard Commander

Ashe E/I/A: Lightning/Storm (lunar)/ Weatherer

In story fact: Olajuwon is the man of the people. People love him almost as much as they love Dakarai.


Sadé Furaha

Alias: Strike from the sky

Age: 47 (19/05/1346)

Home Nation: The Furaha State, Umemardhi

Occupation: General of the first third army

Asha E/I/A: Lightning/Base/Shocker

In story fact: Sadé is a former Ohunu agent who quickly joined the army within her first three years. She’d consider herself and Raziya rivals. Former Agradahene Nyala Furaha’s wife was her great grandfather’s sister.


Lady Jahzara Gyasi

Alias: Jah

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 52 (05/10/1343)

Home Nation: The Gyasi State, Keydria

Occupation: Head Chair of UPFR council (1 of 3)

Ashe E/I/A: Earth/Base/None

In Story Fact: Jahzara is a cat mom. Spots is a rescue and they’ve been together for seven years. Spots doesn’t have spots. He has stripes.


Massai Gila

Alias: N/A

Age: 58 (09/27/1335)

Home Nation: Olomader, ROF (Western ROF)

Occupation: ROF Prime Minister 

Ashe E/I/A: Pure/none/Ashe Eye

In story fact: He has a “Pure” Accent, meaning his second tongue is not burden by an other native accent since 2nd is his native language. His voice and speech pattern is very profound and elegant.


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