Ninth Hour Fiction Update

I love Zero Year and wish I can write it every day, but as of now, I do not plan on continuing weekly releases after the current arc ends. ZY will be going on a hiatus for a few reasons:

  • ZY is an epic of a series. There are 40 story arcs in total. The first story arc is just over 20k words. All of the other story/series ideas I have are 50k to 100k words tops. It’s very easy to get trapped in the word of ZY. I’d like to write my other stories. Some of them have been sitting in Word Docs waiting for over a year now.
  • Next semester, I have a Creative Writing Workshop. I’ve decided to workshop another series titled SARSKI, instead of ZY. I’ll need time to write SARSKI so I can have something to workshop.
  • I wasn’t expecting a lot, but reader turnout is still meager. The purpose of releasing ZY was to get feedback on it, so I can grow as a storyteller and writer. As of now, I’m writing to myself. Instead of releasing more, i’ll be trying to get more readers.
  • Lastly, I’m currently working on a Viz Media Portfolio for Zero Year. I want to focus all my ZY Ashe into creating the best portfolio possible. I’ve always intended for ZY to be a Manga/Comic. I’ll be taking my time with the portfolio. Shooters shoot. Who knows, ZY could be a Viz Original one day.




Just because ZY is going on hiatus doesn’t mean Ninth Hour Fiction will be going dry. I have nine other plotted stories/series. I’ll still be posting.

SARSKI is an entirely different vibe than ZY. It’s set in the real world and has a Coming of Age/Slice of Life feel. I’ll be releasing SARSKI content and maybe some drafted chapter parts.

Other series like Gemswords, Ebo’s Council, and RNOTLV have been calling my name. There might be some chapter part releases in the cards for them too!!!

On August 14th I’ll begin introducing the Plot and Characters of SARSKI, Gemswords, Ebo’s Council and RNOTLV. By October all of these series will have begun weekly releases (some sooner than others).

As I said, this post might fall on death ears because I don’t have a consistent reader base yet, but this information should be shared regardless.


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