Zero Year Chapter Five

On Tuesday we met the wave cast. In this chapter we dive into our first summit meeting!!!

BYR Chapter Five

There really isn’t anything new introduced in this chapter. 

Key Information/terms

  • RUEC(Realm Universal Electronic Currency)

Key Setting

  • Grand WAR room
  • In the Capital city near a Tap house

Key characters

  • Lady Maaza
  • Lord Gahiji



ZERO YEAR DISCLAIMER: Though many of the Zero Year’s elements are inspired by and based on existing African Cultures, Zero Year is not an accurate representation of African cultures. The purpose of ZY is to appreciate and pay homage to African Culture via a fictional story and world. Zero Year is not real and shouldn’t be treated as a canon of African Cultures, traditions, practices, and people.



Chapter Four: Mainland Purchase

Part One: The Vote

         The Realm’s officials were all in the Grand WAR room a waiting for the last item of the day, the mainland purchase. “Zula wake up it’s Gahiji’s time,” Ojwang said waking the Queen up.

            “I’m up. I was just resting my eyes,” she yawned.

            The council members were all getting ready for the final topic of the day. The room was quiet as they briefed the proposal again. “Khari are we ready to move on?” Jahzara asked.

            “Yes, we may proceed,” he answered.

            “We move to our final, piece for today. Since 1386, there has only been one land purchase proposed also known as the Wave mainland purchase. First proposed by former Nsuohene, Lady Obi in ’86. Re proposed in ’90 by current Nsouhene Gahiji. In ’90 this proposal was paused because an unchanged report and ill faith the new Nsouhene. Today we resume,” Jahzara said.

            “Lord Gahiji, what is the current nature of your relationships with the Lords, Ladies and Lieges of Rauwia, Haohannon,  Freani and Thur?” Maaza asked.

            “My relationships with Northern officials has always been well, but I feel in the past four years I’d call myself their friends. Someone they’ve grown to trust and respect,” he answered.

            “It’s always good to be friends with our allies. Lord Gahiji, This purchase will double the size and population of the Wave. How will this affect your citizens?” Maaza said rolling her eyes.

            “I don’t like to view it as a purchase, but more of a unification people and nations. They only affect Majirians will feel is the bliss of peace and togetherness,” he said.

            “He thinks he’s so charming. He’s doing too much,” Asha whispered to Nyambura.

            “He’s in love with his wit,” Nyambura laughed.

            “I’m curious as to why these nation must be unified? For centuries the mainland nations have been allies with the Wave,” Khari asked.

            “These nations have been in an economic crisis for years. The wave has extended all the help we could without putting its own citizens at risk. The UPFR put them into a hard position. They would have to give up their alignments and become UPFR protected for economic support,” Gahiji replied.

            “But there are rules and regulations to all of this. The UPFR’s solution would’ve been more short term, but what you’ve proposed something for the third time that is permanent,” Khari said.

“Almost like the Northern Mainland. Countries have given up their will to govern themselves. Lord Gahiji to you intend to control all of your allied nations?” Jahzara asked.

“How long do you think they’ll toy with him,” Jabari asked.

“I’m enjoying this,” Jendayi said.

“I think everyone is,” Sokoro said.

“It’s not like I’m twisting their arms how your twisting my words. They decided that this is the best way to solve their economic strive and remain aligned with the wave,” Gahiji answered.

“Not only have you combine many citizens, But you will now have as many lords and ladies that you have nobles. What will the political landscape look like?” Maaza asked.

“The Mainland Officials will have the same power over their lands that they have already had. Forgive my speaking, but it feels like you are stringing me along. Everything we have discussed thus far is all in the report and notes of the purchase proposal. I’m sure there is one thing you want to ask me that isn’t in the report,” Gahiji said.

“Very well then Lord Gahiji. This purchase was originally proposed by former Nsouhene Kali Obi. Despite what was in the report, her contrasting intentions were written on her forehead. Similarly, to what Lord Dakarai managed to pull off in the 1360s and 1370s with his western reach, Kali wanted to reach south. Although it could be argued that Dakarai’s questionable acts were just, Kali sought out for military power instead of peace. Yesterday, you publicly spoke ill of her and said your job was to ‘bring the wave out of the darkness it once was in’. That is a direct quote. I’m sure everyone else is wondering why would a good man like yourself that claims he will undo Kali’s evil want to follow through with her plans? It doesn’t look very noble or make any sense. Explain your positioning to the council,” Maaza said.

“50 RUEC he makes a fool of himself,” Femi said.

“50 RUEC he finds a way around this,” Ojwang said.

“I’ll do you one better. 100 RUEC. Maaza votes against if she has the deciding vote and for if she doesn’t,” The Queen said.

“How will we be able to prove both?” Femi asked.

“It’s Maaza. She’ll say so. She has a thing for power.”

“That bet is too specific for you to win. I’ll take the action,” Ojwang said.

“The history books read that in the 6th cycle the Wave surrendered land and territory on the mainland to isolate themselves from the carnage. Since then the narrative has greatly changed. The mainland isn’t in an abysmal of war. The mainland is more peaceful than ever, and the wave is isolated from it. This unification will not only help end economic strife, but it will allow the wave to join in on the peaceful prosperity,” Gahiji responded.

“I told you Femi,” Ojwang laughed.

“Don’t get your hopes up yet. Your money could still be mine,” The Queen said.

“Well put Lord Gahiji. The Council will vote to approve the mainland purchase, but first the council will ask the Northern Officials if they are still on board,” Maaza said.

“Lady of Rauwia, Are you in favor of the Mainland purchase?” Jahzara asked.

“Yes, I am.” 

“Lord of Haohannon are you in favor?” 

“Yes, I am.”

“Lady of Freani are you?” 

“Yes, I am.” 

“And Liege of Thur are you in favor of the mainland purchase?” Jahzara asked

“Yes, I am.”

“All five nations are in favor of the proposal. 24 members of the council have already voted. Does anyone on the council wish to re-cast their vote?” Maaza asked.

The council members all spoke amongst themselves Trying to see if anything had changed anyone’s vote. For some they weren’t impressed by Gahiji and their feelings about him hadn’t change. For others put their opinions on him aside. They understood that this was larger than him. 

One of the council members stood up to speak with Maaza. She moved her mic and they talked for about a minute. After the Council woman sat back down. Maaza announced the decision. “The council will not recast their votes of the 24 members that have voted, it is split 12 for and 12 against.” 

“Didn’t think it would be that close,” Dakarai said.

“I thought it would be a land slide in rejections again,” Asante said.

“Remember he’s bad for the realm but good for the North and wave,” Raziya said.

“The three head chairs will now cast their votes. Jahzara are you for or against?” Maaza asked.

“Keep your promise friend,” Gahiji said to himself.

“I am for.”

“Khari, are your for or against?” Maaza asked.

This fool. He still acts in the favor of the Lightning and does what daddy ask. He’ll be against. I’ll have to count on Maaza,” Gahiji said to himself.

“I am for.”

“I knew it. we finally won Khamari,” Wahjori said.

“Yes, more paperwork,” he responded.

“Get ready to pay me,” The Queen laughed.

“The majority has approved the purchase already so I will also vote for. but if I had the deciding vote, I would’ve denied you,” Maaza said.

“I told you. It’s a power thing. She gets off on it,” The Queen laughed.

“I don’t say this out of spite, but Gahiji as a noble you opposed Lord Shaka, as an Advisor you supported Kali. In the four years of your term you’ve yet to show me if you serve the realm like Shaka or wish to rule it like Kali. I’m not confident in what you will do or who you will be. The only thing this approval has won you is greater concern and questioning on your character,” Maaza said.



Part Two: Order Shall Be Restored

Later that night in the capital city an owl flew high in the sky. The moon was first Quarter. The Streets were crowded with people walking, talking, dancing and playing music. The owl landed on a tree that a man in a hood had been leaning under. He looked at the owl, smirked and started to walk through the crowd. 

He walked into a bar. It was surprisingly empty, but he didn’t stop for a drink. He continued to the back down a flight of stairs. The stairs led to an empty room with a lone dangling lightbulb. He turned it off leaving himself in complete darkness. He moved his hands against the wall as if he was solving a puzzle. The wall clicked every time he pressed against it. After a short while it slowly opened and he walked through the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was another hooded man under a tree with an owl on it.

“Thought you were loss,”

 “I know how to follow a bird.”

“Have you considered my offer?”

            “I have.”

            “It’s too late to refuse me now.”

            “This is Fate.”

            “I see. Which one will you bring me?”

            “I haven’t decided yet.”

“Hmm. It doesn’t matter if the Ashe is how you describe it, either will do. When will you deliver?”

            “I have something in the works. Stay ready.”

            “Order shall be restored.”



Behind Chapter Five

This chapter set up some things to come in the future. We finally had our first meeting of the summit. Gahiji and Maaza have a battle of words. As Jabari and the Queen, predicted Khari sided with the people and Maaza’s vote didn’t matter. In part two we got to a scene that was oozing with foreshadowing. Two hooded men have a very private conversation that feels important.

Questions I think you may have

What does the Mainland Purchase mean going forward?

            Now that the purchase has been approved, the Wave will have territory on the mainland of Kazweza. This will hopefully help the economy of the Rauwia, Hoahannan, Freani and Thur. Gahiji has also now doubled his political and military power. 

This is the only question of the top of my head I think readers would ask. If there are any further questions you may have about this chapter please interact in the comment section or on twitter. I’d like to answer at least five of them. If I answered all of your question for this chapter, you’re welcomed to still interact on twitter or in the comments section. What did you liked? What didn’t you like? So far who’s your favorite character? Who’s your least favorite? Did the Councils decision surprise you? Do you think they approved the proposal because of Gahiji or for the sake of the mainland citizens? If you were a council member how would you have voted? Who are the hooded men in part two? What are they talking about? Ask me questions about the process of writing Zero Year or this chapter. Interact with another reader. Share so someone else could read Zero Year along with you. 

Disclaimer:  I’ll try my hardest to answer questions without spoiling you guys. If it’s a really good question with a spoiler answer I’ll repost the question for other readers so they could also think about it. Constructive feedback is welcomed. I want to become a better writer and storyteller. I won’t answer or respond to anything that I feel is disrespectful. Also, I’m a full time college student. Bear with me please.

Chapter Six Preview: The next chapter is titled “Cats of the East”. We rejoin Nyarai and the Lightning cast and she plans to ask for more responsibility. What do you predict will happen?

I’d like to thank you for taking out some time to read Zero Year. It really means a lot that you decided to read. I hope you continue to read. Please like the post, leave a comment and share, share, share!!!!


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