Zero Year Chapter Four

I was late on this post but Chapter five will be on time!! Last post we were with the Rock Royalty. This week we meet our friends in the North Democratic Government of the Wave.

Before You Read Chapter Four

Key information/terms

  • Nsuohene: The leader of the Wave nation. They are elected officials in a democratic society. They serve one decade long terms. 
  • APB (Ashe Powered Band): A smart watch like device.
  • Nyduavia Syndrome: Their version of Stockholm syndrome. From 734 to 739,  Zoya Musumbu forcefully conquered Nyduavia. Despite her evil reign and brutality, The once free people of Nyduavia viewed her as a hero and she’s still is in current time.
  • SETRP (Spiritual Exploration & Technical Research Program): This is the most famous scientific research firm in the realm based in the Wave founded by Lord Shaka Akpabio. 

Key Characters


Jabari Akpabio

Alias: The Serpent / JB / Jay

Age: 22 (19/06/1372)

Home Nation: Manta island, Majinardhi (Wave, Northern realm)

Occupation: Assistant to Nsuohene / SETRP Researcher

Ashe E/I/A: Water/ Eclipse/ Night Moon

In story fact: Jabari actually named their self when they were seven after Jabari Zemmamouche (A philosopher from the 5th cycle). Jabari is known for their Intelligence and extreme aptitude. 

Jendayi Apara

Alias: The Stream Striker

Age: 25 (12/10/1368)

Home Nation: Pomboo Island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Assistant to the Advisory Council

Ashe E/I/A: Water/ Scald/Evaporation & Steaming

In story fact: Jendayi and Jabari have been best friends since they were in secondary school. She’s very protective.

Sokoro Ladipo

Alias: KT’s Claw

Age: 27 (10/06/1366)

Home Nation: KT island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Assistant to the Advisory Council

Ashe E/I/A: Water/Ice/Cooler

In story fact: Like all introverts, his two closest friends Jabari and Jendayi are extroverts. He and Kato are rivals. In the ’82 RYFT Kato beat him while he won the rematch in 84 via submission. In 86 both of them chose not to compete.

Shaka Akpabio

Alias: Majipweza’s Mind / Father of modern Science

Age: 49 (08/02/1344)

Occupation: Head of SETRP (Former Nsuohene of 1370s)

Ashe Element/Influence/Ability: Water/Base/Night moon

In story fact: Shaka has been the greatest scientist and engineer in the realm since he was 14. He has influenced scientist and engineers all over the realm. He specializes in communication, transportation technology, Theory of space, time, gravity, and physics. His greatest interest is in Ashe and Spiritual sciences, but he isn’t regarded as a top A&S scientist.

Gahiji Falada

Alias: Career Politician

Age: 64 (27/01/1330)

Home Nation: KT island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Ashe E/I/A: Water/ Base (Non-expressive)

In story fact: Gahiji ran against Shaka for Nsuohene. He based his campaign on the fact that Shaka was only 30 and uncapable, but Shaka was the Realm’s greatest mind, he won by a landslide. He didn’t run in the 80s because Kali was an over whelming favorite. 

Asha Okiro

Alias: N/A

Age: 48 (19/12/1345)

Home Nation Papa island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Third Advisor of Wave council

Ashe Element/Influence/Ability: Water/Scald/Circulation

In story fact: Asha lost to Gahiji in the election by less than 10 votes. It came down to the Wave tribal board (heads of all 12 wave tribes) Making the decision.

Wahjori Gowon

Alias: N/A

Age: 58 (03/03/1335)

Home Nation: KT island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: First advisor of Wave council 

Ashe E/I/A: Non-expressive

In story fact: He is Gahiji’s most trusted friend.

Khamari Omenma

Alias: Eyes in the Mist

Age: 42 (12/09/1351)

Home Nation: Pomboo island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Second Advisor of Wave council / Mist Intelligence Coordinator

Ashe E/I/A: Water/Ice/Frost

In Story Fact: He is the only Wave advisor that has never run for office. Kali hand picked him when Shaka retired from the council in 1386. 

Nyambura Oladele

Alias: N/A

Age: 55 (23/06/1338)

Home Nation: Pomboo island, Majinardhi, Kazweza

Occupation: Fourth advisor of wave council

Ashe: Ancient/Pure/Ashe eye

In story fact: Nyambura is a very close friend of Shaka’s. She was actually his 1st advisor during his term. While Kali was the Nsuohene, She requested she be demoted to 4th advisor instead of leaving office. She didn’t trust Kali and wanted to lessen her responsibility if things went south, but also wanted to keep an eye on her. 



ZERO YEAR DISCLAIMER: Though many of the Zero Year’s elements are inspired by and based on existing African Cultures, Zero Year is not an accurate representation of African cultures. The purpose of ZY is to appreciate and pay homage to African Culture via a fictional story and world. Zero Year is not real and shouldn’t be treated as a canon of African Cultures, traditions, practices, and people.



Chapter Four: What Have You Heard?

Part One: Wave Triad

            In the morning on Day of Fire (7th), The wave’s triad walked through the capital’s marketplace. Sokoro walked and watched his surroundings enjoying the leisure. Jendayi had her arm around Jabari hounding them with questions trying to figure out why they were at the Summit. Jabari answered her questions sincerely without giving anything.

            “I promise I’m only here to give father’s presentation. Nothing else,” Jabari said as they picked out mangos.

“You sure?” Jendayi asked.

“Yeah, I’m not convinced. We barely saw you yesterday.” Sokoro said.

Jabari inspected the fruit. Saw the price and felt cheated. “These look like lab mango to me. I thought this was a fresh from the tree stand.” 

“Lower your voice. You can’t even tell the difference. 5 per.” He said as he snatched the mango from their hand.

“I’m from the Wave and there is a big difference. I won’t buy Lab mango for tree price,” they said folding their arms.

“Fine three per, but you’re not taking more than five. I gotta turn a profit.” He said as he bagged the fruit.

“Fine give me five.” 

Jabari paid the man they continued walking. “Why did you swindle that man? You know there’s no difference,” Sokoro asked as he reached for a mango.

“He was preparing to lie to me. I just beat him at his game,” Jabari answered.

“Just because someone lies doesn’t me you get to lie too. And you still haven’t answered me. Are you here to do something… you know… shady?” Jendayi asked.

“I already told you. I’m not doing anything,” Jabari answered.

Jendayi grabbed Jabari’s face and stared into their eyes. What is she doing? Jabari thought. Is Jay lying to me?Jendayi asked herself. When are we going to stop doing weird things in public? Sokoro asked himself. 

“Your eyes say you’re lying to me.”

What the hell does she mean by eyes are lying? “What are you some truth seeking witch?” Jabari laughed.

“Jay. Come on be honest,” Sokoro said.

“Fine. Gahiji asked me to do a tiny favor.”

“A Favor? Is Gahiji making you do his dirty work? That dirty old man,” Jendayi said squeezing her fist.

“You shouldn’t speak ill of our Nsuohene publicly. As the assistant to the council it’s a bad look,” Sokoro said.

“Do you support that vale man?” 

“Of course not. I voted for Asha, but-

“But what?”

“I’m just saying, we can all agree he isn’t nearly as bad as Kali.”

“You know, I don’t think Kali was all that bad. If anything, she was trying to do what Lord Dakarai did…. just with a very different method,” Jabari said.

“The different ‘Method’ makes him a hero and her a criminal,” Sokoro said.

“It’s the Nyduavia Syndrome talking,” Jendayi laughed.

“I’m just saying, A lot of my accolades are tied to Kali. So, if she’s evil then so am I,” Jabari said finishing their mango.

“You were being manipulated and your accolades are tied to Shaka and the SETRP not Kali and the… serpent,” Jendayi said.

“Honestly speaking, I’d say both,” Sokoro said.

“Stop spreading your pessimism. You owl months are so bla sometimes,” Jendayi said with her finger in Sokoro’s face.

“It’s called Realism and the Serpent has done some good,” Sokoro said trying to swipe her hand out of his face. 

Sokoro swiped right through Jendayi’s hand. *Evaporation Ability* Just as he touched it, it turned into steam. Her hand took form shortly after. “I hate when you do that.”

“Stop using power negatives. Back to you Jay, what favor does Baldhiji have you doing?”

“I can’t tell you but, I’m not here to harm anyone.”

“Nothing Illegal?”

“Illegal doesn’t mean bad.”

“That’s not very convincing,” Sokoro said to himself.

“I’m here to learn a few secrets.”

“You’re spying!?!?” Jendayi yelled.

“Invite the whole market into our conversation why don’t you,” Sokoro said shaking his head.

“Lower your voice. Like five clicks please,” Jabari said.

“I want to help. Can we help?”

“We????? This is supposed to be a vacation type thing,” Sokoro said.

“What? No. No helping.”

“Come on when is the last time the triad did something fun?”

“We went to the Grand Library yesterday. The 6th cycle lit-

“Reading??? Sokie you can be so boring sometimes. Izara is going to leave you if you act like an old man,” Jendayi said.

“We met in a library,” Sokoro said under his breath.

“Jendayi I love the Charisma, but the serpent only does solo missions.”

Jendayi dramatically threw herself on Sokoro and began to sob. “Fine. I’ll leave you alone. Sokoro will you be my new best friend?”

“Pause. I thought the triad was three best friends. Not two best friends and their friend. Have I been a side friend this whole time?”

“Don’t make this about you Sokie. My heart is full of pain. I can’t bare it,” Jendayi said as she threw herself on the floor.

“Jay. Say something to get her off the floor,”

Jabari crouched down and played into Jendayi’s dramatics. “You can’t help me, but on wind (9th) we’ll spar like old times. Is that okay?”

“Can we beat up on Sokie?” Jendayi asked as she stopped crying.

“We’ll even cheat,” Jabari laughed helping her up.

“Oh, this is wonderful!! I love you two,” Jendayi said as she hugged them both.

“I love you guys too,” Jabari said.

“So, am I supposed to just ignore the cheating part?”

“Shut up and say you love us back,” Jendayi said.

While they hugged, their APB’s all rung at the same time. 

“Baldhiji’s meeting is about to begin,” the APBs buzzed.

“Shit we’re late.”

Part Two: You Have No Friends

The Wave Advisory Council members where all waiting on the triad. Gahiji was sitting at the head of the table with his hands together covering his mouth. To his right was Wahjori tapping his fingers on the table. Nyambura was next to him drinking tea. Asha sat at the end of the table she was trying to work her APB. Khamari sat on Gahiji’s left and he was scrolling through the holographic screen on his APB. 

“We should begin without them,”  Wahjori grumbled.

“Jabari has got to teach me how to use this thing,” Asha said to herself.

“Calm down Wahjori. They’ve never been to Sinaga. Let them have a little fun,” Nyambura said stirring her tea.

“They’re near,” Gahiji said as he stood up.

Just as he said that, the three of them. Came bursting through the door with Jendayi in front.

“Sorry we’re-

“Sokoro! Jendayi you are late! I expect better from you two. Liege Akpabio, nice of you to join us.”

“The Advisory board shouldn’t have to wait on subordinates,” Wahjori scalded.

“Relax old friend. You didn’t arrive much earlier than them,” Khamari laughed.

“I don’t see why they are here in the first place,” Wahjori said.

“They are the future of the Wave. The brightest we have to offer. If we teach them now they will not fail when it’s their turn,” Gahiji said.

“Jabari do you mind fixing this for me?” Asha whispered handing over her APB.

“No problem,” Jabari answered.

“Now that everyone is here, we can begin. I was speaking with Jahzara yesterday and I have learned some very good news. After several thousands of years, I have reason to believe the Wave will find its way back on the Mainland,” Gahiji announced.

“Has the council already decided,” Wahjori asked.

“Not exactly. Everyone has voted except the head chairs,” Gahiji said.

“Do we have the majority?” Khamari asked.

“It’s split even.”

“I think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves then,” Asha said.

“We could be denied just like ’86 and ’90,” Nyambura said.

“Jahzara sides with us,” Gahiji said.

“Does Maaza know that?” Asha laughed.

“What of Lord Khari and Lady Maaza?” Sokoro asked.

“She said Khari has already decided, but he hasn’t told anyone his vote,” Gahiji said.

“Secrets just like his father. I’m not surprised,” Nyambura laughed.

“What about Lady Maaza?” Jendayi asked.

“Maaza will most likely want to hear what I have to say before she votes,” Gahiji said.

“I feel like we’re forgetting that the council has the right to recast their vote,” Khamari said.

“If I may speak, the written proposal is perfect. Their decision may come down to how they feel about you Lord Gahiji. In 86 they hated Kali, in 90 they didn’t trust you. What have you done to earn Maaza and Khari’s trust? Separating yourself from Kali may not have been enough. There are whispers that aren’t in your favor,” Jabari said.

“Nonsense!!! Gahiji you can’t trust this criminal. All she does is lie!! They call her the serpent for a reason. Why do we continue to allow her to act as a government official?!?!” Wahjori yelled.

“Stop mis gendering them!!!” Jendayi and Sokoro yelled.

“Everyone control your tempers. Wahjori you will respect everyone at this table or you will not speak. My liege, what are the whispers?” Gahiji asked.

“Prime Minister Gila doesn’t trust anyone other than himself. Zula third of her name is wondering why her best friend hasn’t left the Wave since Kali made you her 1st advisor. The Ohunu knows everyone’s secrets and you’ve been trying to make allies in the East. The Edawyn cartels don’t want to trade with you if the Mainland purchase goes through. You underestimate the youth of the Adeleke. Young Kato is said to be a better leader of men than his grandfather, Xolani a better advisor than Femi and they say lava boils in the Adeleke Princess. In short you don’t have many friends Lord Gahiji. It’s year four and you haven’t proved trustworthy to anyone. We’re doomed if it comes down to how they feel about you,” Jabari said fixing Asha’s APB.

“It feels like you enjoyed that too much my Liege. What do you suggest we do?” Gahiji laughed awkwardly. 

“You can’t seriously see value in their opinion,” Wahjori said.

“Liege Akpabio seems to be far more informed on the matter than anyone else. They have the most important opinion at the moment,” Khamari said.

“Lord Omenma you’re such a dear. Luckily lord Gahiji I don’t think it’ll come down to how the council feels about you. This proposal isn’t about you, but the millions of people struggling across four countries. Now Maaza might still spite you, but Lord Khari is too much like his father. He will put the people first before anything. So Maaza’s vote won’t matter,” Jabari said.

“Well-spoken like your father,” Nyambura said.

“Great work Akpabio. What a wonderful assessment,” Asha said.

“Hmm that felt like an elaborate way to say yes, but now I have even more faith that the purchase will go through. I’ve been in talks mainland officials. I’ve come to an agreement with Hoahannon. I’ll be appointing Jendayi and Sokoro as Wave Ambassadors to Hoahannon soon to be called the West,” Gahiji said.


“West bu-


“Congratulations you two!!!” the advisors said.

All the way from the KT to Hoahannon. This is a spiteful promotion. Since Gahiji became 1st Advisor, he had slowly been isolating me. Father is chained to his lab. Half of the SETRP are his watchdogs. Now the Triad was soon to be no more. What was is your reasoning? Motivation? Goal? What is your agenda with me?



Behind Chapter Four

This chapter we open with the Triad walking through the markets. Jendayi is trying to figure out why Gahiji Decided to bring Jabari so last minute. Jabari assures they aren’t there to harm anyone. At the briefing, we see Wahjori’s distrust for Jabari. They inform the board on the intel they’ve gather about the Realm’s feelings with Gahiji. Lastly, Gahiji promises a promotion to Jendayi and Sokoro that feels very backhanded. 

Questions I think you may have

Who is Kali exactly?

The pieced information about Kali that you know until this point is just about all you need to know. 

What is the Mainland Purchase?

            Four of the Wave’s allied nations (Rauwia, Thur, Freani and Hoahannon) all have been in an economic crisis for the last 14 years. The Wave has extended all of the resource they are allowed to by UPFR laws. The mainland countries are about to go under. They have two options. Become UPFR protected and become subject to the councils control or be absorbed by the wave. Siding with an ally is the better option but for whatever reason, the UPFR hasn’t made the process easy.

Why isn’t Shaka representing himself?

            Gahiji is a nationalist. Shaka has always been about unity in the realm. He is close friends with The Queen and Dakarai. Gahiji finds that threatening to the Wave and himself, so he works his hardest to limit Shaka’s contact with them. 

Lab vs Tree fruit?

            In the Realm Fruit consumption is high and people don’t want to wait for fruits to be in season. So, for the last 40 years farmers have made huge indoor farms that can recreate whatever season needed to grow fruit year-round. Some people claim to taste a difference.

What does Jendayi mean by Owl months?

            Sokoro was born during an owl month. They don’t have astrology but they have Season charts which is very similar to astrology. Jendayi is very into Season charts. 

These are all of the questions of the top of my head I think readers would ask. If there are any further questions you may have about this chapter please interact in the comment section or on twitter. I’d like to answer at least five of them. If I answered all of your questions for this chapter, you’re welcomed to still interact on twitter or in the comments section. What did you liked? What didn’t you like? So far who’s your favorite character? Who’s your least favorite? Why do you think Gahiji is isolating Jabari? Ask me questions about the process of writing Zero Year or this chapter. Interact with another reader. Share so someone else could read Zero Year along with you. 

Disclaimer:  I’ll try my hardest to answer questions without spoiling you guys. If it’s a really good question with a spoiler answer I’ll repost the question for other readers so they could also think about it. Constructive feedback is welcomed. I want to become a better writer and storyteller. I won’t answer or respond to anything that I feel is disrespectful. Also, I’m a Full-time student. Bear with me please.

Chapter Four Preview: The next Chapter is titled “Mainland Purchase”. The wave proposes the Mainland Purchase to the council again. Will the Third time be a charm? What do you predict will happen?

I’d like to thank you for taking out some time to read Zero Year. It really means a lot that you decided to read. I hope you continue to read. Please like the post, leave a comment and share, share, share!!!!


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