Read it three times if you have to! Watching already marginalized people try to marginalize other people is tiring.

1. All three groups are marginalized. Some people belong in two or all three goups. They cannot “choose” to put women’s and or LGBT issues aside. They can’t compartmentalize their identities. They are Black Queer People, Black Women and Black Queer Women all at the same time all the time.

2. It’s evident that Black lives don’t matter to people. We say BLACK LIVES MATTER not to say we matter more but to say we also matter. It is the same exact thing when people say BLACK WOMEN MATTER or BLACK LGBT LIVES MATTER

3. The BLM movement has been centered around cishet men. When people say BLACK WOMEN MATTER or BLACK LGBT LIVES MATTER they are not being divisive and trying to derail the movement. They are including and emphazing that they also matter. 

4. The phrases BLACK WOMEN MATTER and BLACK LGBT LIVES MATTER should not upset you. If they do then you are NOT Pro-Black and you are on some highkey all lives matter bullshit. FIX THAT QUICKLY


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