Zero Year Pride

As i’ve said before, Ninth Hour Fiction is all about representing the ENTIRE black community and the includes Black Queer people. If that makes you uncomfortable or if that’s something you can’t support then NONE of the Ninth Hour Fiction works are for you because I write that gay shit. Black people have been queer since the dawn of time. You can’t be Pro-Black without support LGBTQ+ people.


To my LGBTQ+ family especially my black LGBTQ+ family do not feel guilty for celebrating pride. I know times are rough and the black community is going through a lot right now. Don’t let anyone force you to “choose”. You are Black and Queer at the same time all the time. There is no choosing. You can support the Black Lives Matter movement and celebrate Pride at the same time. Love you always, Happy Pride!!!

Although we’re only one chapter in, I wanted to highlight and celebrate Queer characters in Zero Year. These are the Confirmed Queer Main and supporting characters to date. Assume everyone else is bi until I confirm otherwise.

Lightning LGBTQ+ Cast


Agradahene Lord Nyala Furaha

Alias: Wraith / Defender of the East / Protector of Peace

Pronouns: She/Her (she prefers Lord over Lady)

DOB/DOD: (12/09/1240) to (03/07/1327) She died peacefully in the arms of her wife of 64 years.

Home Nation: The Furaha State, Umemardhi

Occupation: Agradahene (1276 to 1318)

Ashe E/I/A: Lightning/Storm/Cloud rider

Bio: Lord Nyala was known for both her prowess in battle and politics. During her 42 year reign as Agradahene, the Lightning council never petitioned against any of her decisions. Prior to the UPFR’s formation, she headed the Peace council from 1277 until it was disbanded in 1282 due to war. During the first dead lock (World War) she became known as the Defender of the East and Protector of peace. She and her troops kept Wave and Earth armies out of the eastern continent and ended the War herself in 1286. In 1286 she founded the UPFR in hopes to never see another Deadlock War.

Ambassador Azrael Nwadike

Alias: Wraith/ Jungle boy/ Krü

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 24 (09/06/1370)

Home Nation: The Nwadike State, Umemardhi

Occupation: Lightning Ambassador to Canna (Ohunu Head of Political Crime Regulation Branch)

Ashe E/I/A: Ancient/Base/Ashe Eye

Bio: Azrael is bisexual with no lean or preference. He is the grandson of the current Agradahene Lord Dakarai. Many believe when his grandfather steps down, he will become the head of his tribe. He thinks anybody even his teenage sister would be a better choice. Lord Nyala is his biggest inspiration. She was the greatest Wraith the Ohunu had ever seen. He doesn’t feel that his role is to be upfront as a political leader but behind the scenes working in the Ohunu getting things done. Which is ironic because his cover job is being an ambassador.

Lord Asante Chidozie

Alias: Peace keeper

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 45 (27/09/1348)

Home Nation: The Chidozie State, Umemardhi

Occupation: Lightning First Advisor

Ashe E/I/A: Lightning/Base/Flash

Bio: Asante and his husband Taj have been married for nine years. They have a seven month old daughter Sanaa. He’s known as the Peace Keeper because of the three main Lightning Leaders (Dakarai, Raziya and himself) he’s more likable. Dakarai is loved by most but he has terrible relations with the UPFR. People hate Raziya simply because she is the Ohunu Coordinator. But Asante is the golden boy, peaceful storm gate turned First advisor. He is nobodies enemy because they maintain that he is harmless compared to Raz and Dakarai.

Wave LGBTQ+ Cast

Liege Jabari Akpabio

Alias: The Serpent / JB / Jay

Pronouns: They/Them

Age: 22 (19/06/1372)

Home Nation: Manta island, Majinardhi (Wave, Northern realm)

Occupation: Assistant to Nsuohene / SETRP Researcher

Ashe E/I/A: Water/ Ice & Scald / Night Moon

Bio: Jabari is non-binary pansexual. Jabari was orphaned in their youth but was found by then Nsouhene, Shaka Abpabio. Shaka became their father and took them under his wing. Jabari actually named their self when they were seven after Jabari Zemmamouche (A philosopher from the 5th cycle). Jabari is known for their intelligence and extreme aptitude. Shaka is known as the Greatest mind of the realm. He believes that if Jabari were to sit in a room with the leading minds of the realm for an hour, Jabari would walk out the smartest because of their ability to grasp and understand concepts and information.

Lady Daisha Folorunsho

Alias: Da Da / Dai

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 22 (11/06/1372)

Home Nation: The Folorunsho Terrain, Edawyn

Occupation: Philanthropist / Entrepreneur

Ashe E/I/A: Water/Base/None (Non-expressive)

Bio: Daisha is a Trans Woman and one of Jabari’s closet friends. Dashia is heir to the Folorunsho cartel and her Aunt’s favorite. Unlike most of her kin, she doesn’t sit on her birthright wealth. She’s invested, and started a few businesses to better the Folorunsho tribe. Daisha and long time boyfriend Ndamukong Onai the second are rumored to get married with the coming years. They are viewed as a power couple because Young Onai is the head of the Onai Cartel and Tribe.

Lord Khamari Omenma

Alias: Eyes in the Mist

Pronouns: He/They

Age: 42 (12/09/1351)

Home Nation: Pomboo island, Majinardhi

Occupation: Second Advisor of Wave council / Mist intelligence Coordinator

Ashe E/I/A: Water/Ice/Frost

Bio: Khamari is a Trans Man and currently the highest ranking Trans Political official in the Wave since Lady Oladele (the Nsouhene of the 1350s). Khamari is the only Wave advisor that has never run for office. Lady Kali (Nsouhene of the 1380s) hand picked him when Lord Shaka retired from the council in 1386. Khamari is the Coordinator of the Mist (Wave Intelligence Agency). He is known as the Eyes of the mist because his secretive nature.

Earth LGBTQ+ Cast

Queen Zula Abimbola third of her name

Alias: Gasira/ Queen of Eruption/ The Dormant Volcano

Pronouns: She/Her (it’s disrespectful to use pronouns when speaking to or about the Queen)

Age: 48 (13/05/1346)

Home Nation: Royal Isles of Dod, Haribitem

Occupation: Queen of the Earth Queendom and Western Nations

Ashe E/I/A: Earth/Lava/ Heat resistance

Bio: Gasira is Biromantic asexual. She never married, but has one daughter Zula fourth of her name. Gasira is known as the greatest Queen to ever live. Her reign started in the middle of a war which became three different wars due to her becoming Queen. The Abimbola came out victorious in all three and the wars were later named The Wars of Gasira. It’s said that a fit of her anger will cause volcanos to erupt. Since then her reign was the most peaceful. The Western tribes have never been more unified before her reign. Despite her greatness, the Queen has been suffering from an unknown ashe related illness for an unknown amount of time. It was first detected 21 years ago.

Zaire Anansi Akinjide-Abimbola

Alias: Greenie / Nansi

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 17 (01/02/1377)

Home Nation: Central Udongardhi, Haribitem (Capital of the Earth Queendom)

Occupation: First year University student studying Theoretical Ashe Science

Ashe E/I/A: Earth/ Not expressed yet / Not expressed yet

Bio: Zaire is asexual. He hasn’t experienced romantic love but he’s curious to find out what it’s like. Zaire is son of the Current Castle Stone Guard Commander Ojwang Akinjide and he next in line. His mother Ashanti is of Royal Blood meaning he is a prince (though Princes has no claim to the throne). His middle name is very appropriate. He is a cunning trickster though he’d rather be called a master Strategist and Tactician. He spends most of his time with his best friend Four (Princess Zula fourth of her name).

Dr Xolani Adeleke

Alias: Copper Sand / Xo

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 33 (24/08/1360)

Home Nation: Galorewin, Haribitem (Adeleke Royal Estates & Castle)

Occupation: First advisor of the Adeleke Royal Council

Ashe E/I/A: Earth / Sand/ None

Bio: Xolani is pansexual. During Secondary school she decided to turn down her claim to the throne making her then 2yr old niece Imani the only Adeleke princess of the current blood line. Xo earned degrees in Politics, Psychology, Economics and Western Tribal Sociology to prepare herself to be the greatest First Advisor to guide her Niece if she was to ever become Queen.

Remaining LGBTQ+ Cast

Lady Maaza R. Nkosi 

Alias: The UPFR Queen / Maz

Pronouns: She/They

Age: 51 (27/3/1343)

Home Nation: Framasia, Sinaga (southern realm)

Occupation: Head Chair of UPFR council (1 of 3)

Ashe E/I/A: Ancient/ Base / None (non-expressive)

Bio: Maaza is Lesbian. She is non-expressive, but because she was raised in the Nkosi tribe, she is well verse in meditation and sorcery. She started university at 14yrs old earning degrees in Law, Philosophy and Literature. From 1368 to 1376 she served as the Governor of Western Framasia for two four year terms. In 1378 she joined the UPFR council and became a head chair in 1383. She is known for holding Major Nations like the Lightning, Wave, Earth and ROF accountable.

Lady Jahzara Gyasi

Alias: Jah

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 52 (05/10/1343)

Home Nation: The Gyasi State, Keydria

Occupation: Head Chair of UPFR council (1 of 3)

Ashe E/I/A: Earth/Base/None

Bio: Jahzara is Lesbian. In 1367 she started interning at the UPFR. Five years later she became a member of the council and then a head chair in 1385. Jahzara is credited for writing 60% of the “Successful” Legislature made since 1383. She is keen on protecting independent nations from war and manipulation from Major nations. Jahzara and Maaza have been rumored to be in a relationship since 1381. They are not married because it is illegal for Head Chairs to have romantic relationships with each other (though they have the power to get that changed).

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