Geography & Climate

Umemardhi or Land of Lightning or The Lightning is the largest country in Sharichui (eastern realm). The lightning is landlocked and surrounded by rivers and Mountain ranges.

The Lightning 60% Jungle. About 75% of those jungles are uninhabited. The rest of the jungles have home to Millions of people for thousands of years.

The Lightning’s seasons are different than most places in the realm. They have Regular rain season (spring), sun shower season (summer), Light rain season (fall) and Night rain season (Winter). In the spring it rains all day and storms every other night. In the summer there’s only light sun showers. In the fall it only drizzles. In the winter it only rains at night.

Culture & Tribes

Tens of millions people are divided into the Seven Founding tribes of Umemardhi.

  • Nwadike
  • Chidozie
  • Zadzisai
  • Ihejirika
  • Furaha
  • Sarpong
  • Aku

Over 40,000 years ago these seven tribes lead by the Mother of the Aku tribe Ancestor Masika formed a city-state and birthed Umemardhi.


Umemarians speak Shari Shari (Native Eastern Tongue). Shari is a unique language. It’s grammar and syntax differs from most of the other major languages in the realm. Native Shari speakers are hard to understand when speaking other languages because of their accents and tone of voice. People from other parts of the realm say that easterner speak in riddles.

Cultural Practices

Each Umemarian tribe has different naming ceremony and practices. Aku children are named by their father’s mother or eldest female family member. Zadzisai children aren’t named until their first birth day.

Across all tribes 12th birthdays are a big deal. At the beginning of each season a ceremony is held for children turning twelve in that season. They are now old enough to contribute to society. They aren’t adults yet but they can do a number of things for themselves.

Government & Economy

In the Lightning they have a Tribal government with three layers. Advisory Council, Umemarian Senate and the Citizen Representatives.

The Advisory Council is made of 13 members: The Agradahene, The head advisor, Ohunu Coordinator, Storm Gate Commander, the three Army generals and the other six Tribal heads. (The Agradahene is the head of the nation and their Tribe). The Agradahene has the power to do what they want unless the council petitions them.

The Umemarian Senate is made of 76 members. Each tribe has a Council of eleven (expect for the agradahene’s tribe). The senate govern their tribes directly, create and vote on legislation. They also have the power to vote on any issue the advisory council motions to them.

The last layer of are Citizen Representatives. There’s 63 CRs per tribe. People vote for the rep of their district. They do not vote on anything else. CRs are to represent the people and serve two year terms with a max of three terms. The CRs monitor the Senate and make sure the people aren’t being taken advantage of. They can vote to remove and or replace senators.


The Lightning is a socialist nation with some differences. The Umemarian Senate owns a controlling percentage of every business. They have a wealth maximum of 150m annually. Every RUEC (Realm universal electronic currency) over 150m belongs to the government. The top 20% owns 45% of the nations wealth.

Federal Agencies

The two major agencies of the government is the Ohunu and Storm Gates. The Lightning does not have political parties but politicians are divided by which agency they support or trust the most.

The Ohunu Intelligence Agency (OIA) main function is to use information, intel and research to protect the Lightning, avoid war and keep citizens content. The Ohunu are technically independent of the Law in the Lightning and are comfortable breaking laws Internationally.

The Ohunu is divided into four branches: Scientific Research, Social Research, Foreign Affairs and Crime Regulation.

The Ohunu has never been caught committing crime and their actions usually benefit the people of the lightning. The Ohunu’s accomplishment aren’t published mainly because they were probably achieve by illegal means. Everyday citizens don’t know what the Ohunu does or how they operate. Majority of Ohunu agents have “everyday” jobs.

There is strong suspicion and distrust with the Ohunu all across the realm. With in the Lightning freedom of speech and right to privacy aren’t a thing per se. You can not use public a platform to speak ill of the Ohunu or the government. The Ohunu can access to every aspect of someones life if it is deemed necessary. Their Social research methods (spying) especially internal would be deemed invasive and unethical by most governments.

The Other agency is the Storm Gate Guard (SGG). The Storm Gates function as homeland security, border patrol, and emergency rescue. Realm-wide Immigration and Travel laws are pretty tight. The SGG makes sure people that aren’t allowed out stay in and vis versa. The Army is not allowed to mobilize on Lightning soil unless under attack by a foreign nation. The SGG handles any threat to big for the police force.

The secondary function of the SGG is appearance. Citizens don’t have much role in the government and don’t trust the Ohunu. The SGG are the good guys that help strengthen the governments public image and citizen relations. They are a propaganda device. Children dream of being Storm Gates when they grow up. In some peoples eyes the Commander of the Storm Gate Guard is a more respectable position than being Agradahene. If a Storm Gate were to “mess up” the Ohunu would purposely spin the blame on themselves. The SGG has to be spotless no matter what.

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