First Saga & Arc Reveal!!!

The first saga of the Zero Year Series is titled “Storm of the Spirit”. We mainly follow 24yr old Nyarai Aku. As an Ohunu agent its her duty to protect the Lightning at all cost no matter what. This time around the enemy is so familiar yet foreign to her and the Lightning. It seems as though the Ohunu does not know everything that goes on in the realm.

We begin in the first story arc titled “20th UPFR Summit”. All of the realms government officials come to together for a week long summit in effort to keep peace thriving. Just because they’re in a time of peace it doesn’t mean there isn’t political tension between nations and the UPFR (United Peace Front of the Realm).

I’m really excited for this Saga and Arc!!! I’ve be finalizing the opening story arc and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Zero Year begins in eight days!!! In my next post we’ll dive into Nyarai’s homeland Umemardhi. What is it like and how it differs from the US.

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