Power System

Power System

Zero Year has an elemental power system with six different elements broken into two groups. Before we get into the elements, we have to get into the power itself. Ashe (Ah shay). The word ashe comes from the Yoruba tradition. It is described as the divine flow of energy that makes up everything. In Zero Year, ashe is the source of power, life and spirit in all living things. Ashe is more essential than food, water even oxygen. There’s no chance of life without it.

Spirit Beings

Maisha Gyata Mola 

The Life Lion Lord also known as the Superior Supreme or All-mother. Superior is the mother and creator of everything. She is the only Spirit that can use all Ashe Forms.

Siku Motai Roho 

The Sun Fire Eagle Spirit. Motai is the ruler of the suns and Fire ashe. Motai can’t use Life or Wind Ashe. They can only use Fire ashe and the Worlding elements in the siku influence.

Usiku Upebundi Roho 

The Moon wind Owl Spirit. Upebundi is. The ruler of the moons and Wind Ashe. Upebundi can’t use Life or Fire Ashe. They can only use Wind Ashe and the worlding elements in the Usiku influence

Jiwetembo Roho 

The Stone Elephant Spirit. Jiwetembo is the ruler of Earth and protector of all beings with earth ashe. Jiwetembo can only use Earth nature, but can use all of its influences including their specialist form.

Umechui Roho

The Lightning Tiger Spirit. Umechui is the ruler of Lighting and the protector of all beings with water nature. Umechui can only use Lightning nature, but can use all of its influences including their specialist form.

Majipweza Roho 

The Water Octopus Spirit. Majipweza is the ruler of Water and the protector of all beings with water nature. Majipweza can only use Water nature, but can use all  of its influences including their specialist form.

Ashe Forms

            Ashe has six technically seven forms separated into three main groups: Godly, Worldly and Pure.

Godly Ashe Forms

     All of the Ashe forms originate from the All mother and the other spirit beings. The main distinction between them and the other forms is that these forms can’t be used by humans unless the gods choose to gift it to them.

Life Ashe

     Life ashe was the first element created by Maisha Gyata Mola (Life Lion Lord) or the All-mother. Life ashe is the power to create and cultivate life. It also is the ability to control and manipulate any plant life from grass, flowers, fruit, trees etc. 

Fire Ashe

     Fire Ashe was created by the All-mother for Siku Motai Roho (Sun Fire Eagle Spirit) aka Motai. Fire ashe is the power to produce and manipulate Sun fire. Motai’s fire is not like worldly fire. It’s exponentially times hotter. 

Wind Ashe

     Wind Ashe was created by the All-mother for Usiku Upebundi Roho (Moon Wind Owl Spirit) a.k.a. Upebundi. Wind Ashe is the power to produce and manipulate moon wind. 

Worldly Ashe Forms

The Second group of ashe forms are the forms that people can possibly be born with. It is very rare someone’s ashe manifest in more than one form. It is even more rare that they are able to use both elements. A person’s Ashe nature will be based on where they were born and where they live before the age of seven. 

Earth Ashe

     Earth Ashe was created by the All-mother for Jiwetembo. Earth ashe is the power to produce and manipulate earth.

Lightning Ashe

            Lightning Ashe was created by the All-mother for Umechui. Lightning ashe is the power to produce and manipulate Lightning.

Water Ashe

            Water Ashe was created by the All-mother for Majipweza. Water ashe is the power to produce and manipulate Water.

Natural Ashe

     Natural Ashe is also called Ancient or Sage ashe. Natural ashe is the original form of ashe. Anyone can use natural ashe, but it’s more difficult for those who develop an ashe element. 

STG Ashe

     STG is Space, Time and Gravity ashe. STG is three separate ashe types. STG ashe is gifted by the gods. Jiwetembo gifts Space, Umechui gifts Time and Majipweza gifts Gravity. 

Psyche/Mental Ashe

     Psyche Ashe is the power to build a telekinetic relationship with ashe. This ashe type can be achieved by anyone through mastering meditation. 

Ashe Influences

    The worldly ashe forms have influences based on the Godly forms. Base, Siku(Solar) and Usiku (Lunar). Everyone has the base influence of their nature, but not everyone has a Siku or Usiku influence. The influence that a person manifest is hereditary. Though it is unlikely it is possible to have both influences (more likely than having two elements). For most, their influence manifest during puberty. If it hasn’t then they most likely are base only.

Ashe Influences of Earth Nature

  • Base: Rock, Metal(Control only), Mud
    • Siku (Solar): Lava
    • Usiku (Lunar): Sand

Ashe Influences of Water Nature

  • Base: Water, Blood (Control only)
    • Siku (Solar): Boil/Scald
    • Usiku (Lunar): Ice/Snow

Ashe Influences of Lightning Nature

  • Base: Electricity, Light (production only)
    • Siku (Solar): Magnetism (to ashe not metal)
    • Usiku (Lunar): Storm (Thunder, sky lightning), Lightning bolts

Ashe Abilities

Some fighters are born with different abilities. There are different abilities for each nature. Each ability is different from the others. A person’s ability usually align with their influence. It’s possible for someone to have multiple abilities. 

Earth Nature Abilities

Base ability

  • Stone skin: hard to pierce or cut their skin. (skin is not actually stone)
  • Metal production: most can only manipulate metal. They can produce it.

Sand abilities

  • Sandstorm: They can turn their bodies into sandstorms.
  • Sand cutter: They can make their skin hard like sand to cut opponents.

Lava abilities

  • Pseudo Flame: The ability to emit, produce and control an ashe aura from their body that is similar to fire (Not like Motai sun fire).
  • Heat resistance: Extremely hot temperatures won’t burn their skin.

Water Nature Abilities

Base ability

  • Night moon: The moon greatly increases their strength. The moon’s effect is compared to the first stage of spirit state.
  • Circulation: They can control their blood flow to help heal themselves.

Ice abilities

  • Cooler: they can use their spirit energy to cool themselves which will restore there stamina and durability.
  • Frost: They can freeze themselves to help avoid pain.

Boil abilities

  • Evaporation: They can turn their body or body parts into steam upon contact to avoid injury.
  • Steaming: Their bodies can emit large amounts of steam to help hide themselves.

Lightning Nature Abilities

Base ability

  • Shocker: When attacked physically, their body will respond with a natural shock wave that may cause temporary paralysis.
  • Flash: The can produce a large amount of light.

Storm abilities

  • Cloud rider: The ability to create Ashe clouds and ride/fly them.
  • Cloud control: The ability to use clouds as a part of their ashe technique.

Magnet abilities

  • Metal magnet: They can magnetically control metal objects.
  • Shaker: These magnet users can both push and pull (most can only do one). Also, they can combine them both and “shake”.

Ancient Nature Abilities

     Natural ashe abilities are different from other techniques. They can possible be learned through training. 


Ability to read ashe (like emotional states)

6th Sense

Ability to feel ashe and remember ashe signatures. This is the 

Ashe eye

 Ability to see ashe (ashe X-ray vision).

Ashe Techniques

    Techniques are different moves using ashe. Techs can be used across all Ashe elements and influences they just have to be learned. There are five different classifications among the techniques: Primary, Secondary, Forbidden, Ancient, Ancient Forbidden.

Primary Ashe Techniques

     These are the easiest to learn and are taught to children.

     Split Clones

          With this tech users split their ashe and make a clone of themselves.

     Fake Clones

          Unlike splits, fakes are weaker clones with the purpose to trap or deceive an opponent. They aren’t as strong or durable.


          Everyone has the ability to feel ashe. Sensory puts that ability to use. Users can directly locate different ashe signatures in a limited radius.


          When someone use their ashe to hide their physical presence

Secondary Ashe Techniques


          When someone uses their ashe to create illusions that confuse the six senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and ashe feeling).


          When someone uses their ashe to disrupt their opponents ashe attacks.


          When someone uses their ashe to lock their opponents ashe with in them. This stops them from using ashe.


          Multi clones are like Splits but instead of splitting their ashe, someone use ashe in the atmosphere to make clones.


          When someone uses more than one technique at the same time.

Forbidden Ashe techniques

         These techniques are forbidden because they were made to kill or break laws. These techs are harder to perform than secondary techs.


         When someone uses ashe to control the mind or will of others. Very illegal but also extremely hard to do.


          When someone uses their ashe to cause an explosion with in another’s ashe network causing them to die. Their bodies won’t explode but they’ll definitely will die.


         When someone uses their ashe to suppress the ashe flow with in another. This is like cutting off circulation and suffocating. 


         Everyone has a unique ashe signature. There like fingerprints. Fraud is when you purposely create a false signature or impersonate someone’s.


         When someone uses their ashe to purposely hid their ashe signature.

Ancient/Sage ashe Techniques

         These are techniques that were forgotten between the Ancient and second cycle. They call for the use of a large amount natural ashe that is extremely hard to harness with an ashe element.

Ancient/Sage Forbidden Techniques

           These ancient / sage techniques that are thought as forbidden because they were created to kill or break other laws. These are harder to perform than ancient / sage techniques. 

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