Maisha Sayari

Maisha Sayari is similar but very different from earth. Maisha Sayari Translates from Swahili as Life Planet.

  • Realm Calendar: There are 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, 5 weeks and 30days in every month, and three months in each of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter). There is no hemisphere difference in weather. It’s the same season everywhere in realm.
  • Days of the week: Day of life, Day of Fire, Day of Wind, Day of Earth, Day of Lightning, Day of Water. There are five weeks in each month so there are 5 different days of fire, earth, water etc.
  • Months of the seasons: Technically there are only three types of months Beginning (Eagle) of a season, Middle (Lion) of a season and End (Owl) of a season. Example: Eagle’s spring, Lion’s spring, Owl’s spring, Eagle’s summer, Lion’s summer, Owl’s summer, Eagle’s autumn, Lion’s autumn, Owl’s autumn, Eagle’s winter, Lion’s winter, Owl’s Winter. 
  • Cycles: every so often Maisha Sayari is renewed. When the realm is renewed it is the beginning of a cycle. The realm is over 50,000 years old, but it is in its 8th cycle.
  • The date: (Day/Month/Year/Cycle). Example (06/02/1394/08). How people say the date: First day of water in the lion’s spring. People don’t state the year unless it’s a new year or if they are mentioning a past or future year. The cycle is almost always left off because its implied. 

*There are five different continents in the realm. I plan to go in further detail about continents in later Countdown Post*

Moon cycle

  1. New moon: 1
  2. Waxing Crescent: 2-4
  3. First Quarter: 5-8
  4. Waxing Gibbous:9-12
  5. Full moon:13-17
  6. Waning Gibbous: 18-21
  7. Third Quarter: 22-25
  8. Waning Crescent: 26-28
  9. New moon: 29-30

Realm Holidays

  1. New Year (carnival) (01/01 to 06/01)
  2. Start of summer eagles 1st (01/04)
  3. First fasting Lions summer 29th to owls 28th (29/05 to 28/06)
  4. Mid-year (three spirits festival) Owls summer – eagles fall 29 -1st (29/06 to 01/07)
  5. Start of fall eagles (01/07)
  6. Second fasting Eagles fall 2nd to lions 1st (02/07 to (01/08)
  7. Start of winter eagles (01/10)
  8. Ancestral linking day Owls 5th water (30/12)


Although Zero Year is set in the late 1390s, They are far more technically advanced than we are. I’d say they’re at least 100 years ahead.

Thanks for reading!!! I hope you share and continue to read in the future!!! 

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