Representation is Important

I wanted to make this post next week but with today being the last day of black history month it couldn’t wait. Representation is important in the black community. It’s important that we see ourselves in main stream media, art and Literature. In mainstream media, art and literature The black community is under represented and when we are represented if feel token at times. As a black creative I want to do my best to end that trend. I know how it feels to be accurately represented. It’s such an amazing feeling no matter if your a kid or an adult.

How much representation is in Zero Year? 

One of the main goals of all Ninth Hour Fiction series and stories is to represent the Black community and Zero year isn’t exempted from this goal.

A lot of the terminology are words or a combination of words from African languages like Swahili, Zulu, Twi, Kwa (Yoruba) and more. Cultural norms, practices and traditions from Africa and African diaspora are used an adapted in Zero Year. 

I don’t write “rep” characters. Rep characters are characters made solely to represent a group. I write characters who happen to represent under represented groups. Meaning an LGBTQ+ character’s character arc won’t be their sexuality or gender identity. That won’t be the only thing to them. Also they aren’t side characters with single appearance that you’ll forget about. They are Main and supporting characters that have weight in the story.

In Zero Year all skin tones with in the black community are represented. Dark, Medium, Light, and Albino. There are even Character’s with Vitiligo.

Black hair is represented from texture, length and color. 

There are Hijabi women.

There are disabled characters (One blind and One deaf character canon confirmed so far). 

There is Mental health and illness representation. Characters with Mood disorders like depression and Bipolar disorder. Characters with anxiety disorders, Personality disorders and more.

There’s body representation. All female characters aren’t thin and all male characters aren’t muscle heads. 

There’s equal gender representation. Men don’t over populate the character cast. Women are main characters and they aren’t just super nurses made to heal the good guys. 

There’s LGBTQ+ representation with 11 canon confirmed LGBTQ+ characters so far.

There’s age representation. The cast aren’t a group of 14 year olds that hang out with that one old guy.

All of these groups are a part of the black community and should not excluded from Main stream media, art or literature. 

What TV show, movie, story or character did you first feel represented in? What was that experience like? How do you feel about representation? How do you think it should be executed? Lastly are you excited about Zero Year?

Thanks for reading!!! I hope you share and continue to read in the future!!!

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