Zero Year

Myth or Taboo? It’s the nineties (1390s) and the cycle could be coming to an end in 1400. It is currently the 8th cycle and the only thing people know about the end is there will be a “Red Moon”. With many different conspiracy theories and religious beliefs about the “Zero Year”, People are split between thinking it’s all a myth or that there is a Supernatural battle and or natural disaster apocalypse approaching. Despite their views on the matter, Political and military officials are working their hardest to find out what nobody knows about.

Zero Year is a series I’ve been working on for a while now and it will be the first series released (May 29th). The countdown to Zero Year has already begun.

Zero Year is made of multiple sagas that takes place in the same world and are connected by the same plot.

Each Saga has a different main cast and tells a different story that build world, characters and plot.

Leading up to May 29th there will be post relating to Zero Year like character reveals and other content. Stay updated and keep your eyes peeled.


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